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The largest fastest growing and highest reviewed property management companies in america kevin i agree with that i totally totally agree with that you guys have been got started small you've been able to scale your business and scale your operations and and now you're really kind of dominating the space but for the single family investor just that one investor that says well hey i'm looking at building a team you mentioned it going into this last break what does the team look like for you and why those members of the team yeah great question as always always thought provoking questions from either you know the team i everyone team is a little bit different but you know i like to look at myself and try and play off those week my weaknesses right where am i not great outsource those those areas that are maybe not strong and you know so for me early on i really didn't mind doing property management which is good because since chronic property management business so i didn't have a property manager but i have the time i have the know how the resources i was fairly handy so i took care of that piece of it myself but i didn't have access to the greatest inventory i didn't wanna have to buy a lot so i started forming relationships and partnerships with with great realtors that had fantastic you know no hollan resources around where to find investment properties right and so that i by the your real estate agent partners and a lot of people have more than one that are helping them find good deals right i also and maybe not the best legal scholar in the country so finding that great attorney to help you draft the right documentation and and things like that was big for me and that also i just hate crunching numbers and getting into the nitty gritty of accounting so i got a fantastic accounting partner things like that so i think everyone's a little bit different but the key players are going to be people like your contractor your handyman different vendors to take care of the property once you do on it having a find that property in the first place great real estate agent or investment partners alpine those assets as you bring them on board and then obviously the key one that we talk about a lot is the operation side of the property management if you don't have the time or you don't have the know how the experience to manage that property to make this a truly passive investment bringing on board a great property manager or great pop financial partner as part of that team going gonna be really important as well and that's where i feel the rubber really meets the road right you can you can find the best agent you can buy the best.

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