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Is from the makers of doored. Vpn unfortunately Guess you're soga. They did have security issues So that might make you wary of the molo. But but their security is audited by cure fifty three and the lousy. It store credit card details as well as shipping information on their password manager. It has a way of sharing passwords with those who trust that supposedly safe and sunday. Some of the others to you can also use by metrics such as your fingerprints or fake id. The free plan saves unlimited passwords keeps those in credit cards and automatically syncs across devices while they're premium plan at one dollars forty nine cents per month stays logged in whence which devices has secure items sharing entrusted contacts ranks password health and has a data breach scanner that stop. We've got bit warden. This one has into an a us to fifty six bit encryption. Salted hashing and again. Pb k b f to s h h fifty six. Just like last pass. This has secure password sharing offers either cloud based or self hosted for enterprise users so you could also put it on your own. Server complies with privacy shield. Gdp are and ccpa regulations. will give you vaults health reports to reveal wheat and res passwords as well as other helpful data as far as security metrics goes Free organization plan includes two users. You could share passwords within a soup. Parson organization teams organization. Plan is three dollars per month per user and includes premium features. You can also try it for seven days of free. Then the enterprise organization plan is five dollars per month per user. You can secure business secrets with that. One and able enterprise policies ah so authentication as well as have self hosting onto dash lane. This will be the last of the line. Password management tools the There are others out there. You can research them if you're curious about finding out more. They save passwords payments personal information. The individual free plan offers several password management on your favorite device the essentials at three ninety nine per month. Let you manage passwords onto devices plus share and automatically change passwords at the six forty nine per month price. That will let you manage passwords or unlimited devices and get advance security tools. The family plan at eight ninety nine per month. Lets you create six separate. Premium accounts all managed under the plan. Business plans are also available Team plan is five dollars per month. For and business is eight dollars per month per user and has advanced password management and esto authentication with a single sign on. Now we're going to talk about Two different password managers that keep your passwords stored locally. I actually use the second one that we're going to bench here. I is key pass. That's not spelled. K. e. y. p. a. s. s. This is spelled. K. e. p. a. s. us. Just so you don't don't spell it the wrong way This to be the first that we're looking at where it's stored locally. It's a free and open source password manager available for windows. You could store all passwords in one database. Which is locked by a are locked with a master key. Rather database files are encrypted using. Ats to fifty six. Cha-cha twenty and two fish s h to fifty six is used to compress the components of the master key at features turns protection against directory and guessing attacks though. They can't be completely prevented. They can make it harder. sensitive data stored in memory is encrypted. Meaning that if you don't the key pass process memory to desk you won't find any sensitive data. Keep has also erases all security critical memory of possible. When it's not needed anymore there are also unofficial he passports for lennox android ipad macaluso sex when windows phone and more keep in mind. Though on the official ports may not have full support of certain features for example he passed x. for limits only has partial support for tatchell against gets dictionary and guessing attacks. And now we're going to talk about the one that i'm personally using now. I've switched from last past to something called pass. Now this is the standard unix password. manager it's available for lennox distributions. Of course previous st and mac os through the homebrew package manager. The developers of this belief that password management should be simple and follow the unix philosophy. What cnx philosophy while at originated with ken thompson It's a set of cultural norms and philosophical approaches to minimalist modular software development. At some based on the experience of leading developers of the unix operating system. early developers of unix brought the concepts of macho larry and ability ed software engineering practice and created a software tools movement. A bit more about the unix. Fos fee before we get into pass with the ups fos feet. You're supposed to make each program. Do one thing well to do a new job. Build a fresh rather than complicate all programs by adding new features. Expect the a very program to become the an put to another as.

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