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This morning some light freezing precipitation rounds of light freezing rain maybe some light snow and heavy rain elsewhere overcast otherwise and temperatures as we head on through today in the mid upper thirty's most of that precept this morning from the weather channel i'm ray stagich newstalk seven sixty wjr he is indeed a great day it's thirty four degrees fahrenheit and for our friends in canada a writing books about the choi it's about zero degree celsius the frank beckmann show news talk seven sixty wjr sitting in for frank here's m l l rank well this is a tough transition we go from detroit baseball its history to a tigers team that feels like it's history with none other than lynn henning our friend and longtime detroit news sports columnist buoyed what is go whose left on the tigers we get don't don't tell we still get there to around dawn is he is inner wanted i we could get rid of no he uh he was non tendered he hasn't settled on a new venue yet but that's coming in uh you're right though ml uh identity who is going to be a tough transition here for people not to mention the fact of uh winloss columnist gonna show that to this year but i still believe uh people will accept that if they know what the plan is and um it it it's a classic rebuild and it's not greatly unlike let's say the nineteen seventy five year that preceded de 84 sees enough people don't want to wait nine years but uh if they'll remember after nineteen 75 when that team lost a hundred and some games and also had a nineteen game losing streak the next year marked fitr it showed up and the next year jason thompson showed up in seventy six and then in seventy seven km steve camp in lance parish and then a couple of kids name trembling whitaker in this is the kind of regeneration and rebirth ml that will come about in detroit uh it'll be a little more thrilling if the tigers fans can pay an added penalty in watch guys like michael fulmer in nick cost janos get traded next year.

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