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You know that whiskey in Jar. Cover that METALLICA did. They fucking ripped off of thin. Lizzy I mean so hard so sad. They were doing the thin lizzy cover of whiskey in the. But any casual metallica listener will not know that it was their version was originally done by thin. Lizzy and also James Really yourselves focus. Excuse me. It's whiskey in the jar. WE GO WIN A. Tight Fit Anyway Yeah. We're talking about metallica talking about the because we're rock candy podcast. I'm Ashley. and. We're giving you a sweet treat of a story this week. Yeah, despite this spicy times. We thought it was still appropriate. Oh, I don't even spicy anymore. Let's leave literally on fire. We've hit like actual just. Remember the word for it, but just the bad times. Yeah, like complete disillusionment disenfranchisement. Yes, only twenty. You know the fact that this is all still happening. And I don't think we want to talk too much about it. In the sense that were to white people were not gonNA. Sit around and tell you guys feel better than we're not gonNA. Sit around and talk about our feelings about it because our feelings don't fucking matter what matters is. We're telling this story and we're doing our fucking best. Yep, you try and help the people whose voices need to be heard. Yeah, so yes, we do that then. Let's tell the story of thin. lizzy Yes oh! Never mind. It's going to talk about beer. We don't have a beer. Another announcement. Quick before we started early quick, we didn't just talk about a beer 'cause. We decided not to do that anymore like we're still drinking. Yeah, don't worry about that and if. We're still going to highlight beers that we really care about. Be Thinker, really good or see actually are thematic. 'cause. We're not going to give it up entirely. It's just we're not gonNA. Bust are fucking acids. We don't really like to find a beer that we're not gonna like were don't really want to drink. It's a stretch at pets. That is a stretch at best fitting category exactly so if we find one that is clearly a reference to a musician we're talking about your will drink it otherwise. We just going to drink. Yeah, this week. I'm drinking rare form I'm drinking practically magic. When favorites I would say you know then lizzy could be practically imagined is true because that, too? Hot You also have another one called smoke on the pills, which is clearly a reference to smoke on the water. Yeah, by deep purple has nothing to do with this. They do one hundred percent. They do so it kind of works. The only purple, going to pop up. ooh, okay, yeah. I didn't know that I'm glad that you pointed that out. You be like. Why are you drinking to crawlers Maggie and I'm going to say because I didn't drink for a week..

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