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Brought to you by pioneer said your partner in outdoor living the thomas tonight we go back to a game that happened on july twenty nine two thousand and fourteen poor hey dealer rose in the colorado rockies were in the windy city that tuesday evening to take on edwin jackson and the chicago cubs what should have just been irregular regular whole home game between the two teams that had the worst records in the national league at the time turned into something a little bit different the rockies would fall that night four to three in sixteen innings in a game that took six hours in twenty seven minutes to complete it was the longest game by time in the history of bull franchises the previous longest game in colorado history was that at twenty two winning affair that went down at petco in two thousand eight that game got completed in a brisk six hours and sixteen minutes the previous longest gaming cubs history happened on august 17th and 18th back in 1982 when the dodgers got a two two one victory in a game that took six hours in ten minutes to complete remarkably the rockies scored all three of other runs in the top of the first at night then were blanked for the next fifteen brains the cubs finally got the win in the bottom of the sixteen on a sacrifice fly by starlink castro off of lefty tyler matsick chicago's john baker a catcher turned emergency reliever scored the winning run in was also the games winning pitcher remarkable but the rockies the cubs played themselves into the record books three years ago today by any of the rockies is to you by pioneers sand your partner in outdoor living we talked to bud luck legs is the emc rockies on deck so roles on from the nation's capital we take a break on the koa rockies radio network weekdays at four aides lewis and logan to the.

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