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Back into another new addition to Celtics beat we are back in maybe just maybe sure the Celtics it was just despaired Doom and Gloom last time we chatted maybe with held from Gary Washburn. We sent things in the right direction four straight wins to take the season to the all-star break. It's where we are now off a couple of days away from that midseason classic in Atlanta plenty to get you there. I'm Adam Kaufman, of course, you know, Evan Valenti our producer and his triumphant returns been a while. We've missed you Chris Mannix. How are you man? God I'm good, man. How're you doing? Good, I'm glad that you were able to put aside your I'm sure very coveted spot in line at Top Shot to do this show. You know, maybe it is a sign of Aging but I can't think of anything more dumb than Top Shot. I just I can't do to be paying actual money for videos that I can just you know, took a look up on YouTube. I claim ownership of them or or whatever it is. I like I was a big Baseball Card Collector back in the day. But but like those were tangible physical things. Yep that I still have somewhere in my parents basement a video clip. I don't I mean maybe I'm wrong but I don't I don't get it. Yeah, it really is amazing. The amount of money that is being said around online for these digital moments, obviously and people that believe this is just the the next wave of of collecting and especially card collecting and the you know, the part number That clearly exists between the NBA and top shots. That's I mean that's a big feather in in people's cap in terms of giving this thing legitimacy, but I'm with you and and again maybe it's an age thing. Maybe it's not because Heavens considerably younger than both of us, but I just as someone who grew up collecting cards, I like to hold cards and read the stats on the back and trade them with buddies and you know, put them in my little holders and sleeves and binders or whatever and and just have them I was never in it's just for the profitability which is that seems to be the wave right here with this thing. People are just looking to put them and make money didn't they do this with like pictures of cats years ago wasn't that a thing like fax number is Pat Trading Card business first. I can't it was like digital clips of cats. It was like, you know, you could buy weird-looking cats of some kind. I don't know like that was another Fab that just fizzled out. And again, maybe I'm wrong but this is kind of one that I don't I just I just can't see it. Yeah, I don't get it either. It's just you have like with the actual physical. Card those eventually run out. Right like the Honus Wagner baseball card the most famous baseball card in existence, right? There are only so many of those left. These clothes live on Forever on YouTube. I mean, what are we talking about here? I just don't I just don't understand it. I mean look, you're going to make money. Good good for you. Congratulations. I got your pride. If you pay actual legitimate money for that. I think I look at it this way..

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