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Today food friendly food theme we've talked a lot about the snow crab like in their their thing that I've only dabbled in it you enjoy them I know I want to enjoy them I don't enjoy snow crab I like the king the king the king crab the snow crab is garbage snow cat is pedestrian nonsense will explain this to me than I can how in the hell does the snow crab the V. inferior crab one crab for forty six thousand dollars a five X. shining star snow crab was auctioned off toward Japan for a whopping five million yen which is forty six thousand dollars is the highest price ever first snow crab how do you spell that I don't know the king crab is the vastly superior crowd there's a new restaurant that took over a grill fifty four used to be on Sheldon in west chase and I was looking at their specials and two nights a week day of forty five dollars all you can eat crab and I'm thinkin how much snow crab would you have to eat to get forty five dollars worth probably forty five thousand pounds I'm not gonna lie is I looked at this story all this morning in my head I was thinking stone crab see can only now that I'm actually understanding what's happening this how does this even seem seem real it does the closest ever was set last year somebody paid eighteen thousand dollars for a previous snow crab snow crab not stone man there's this viral little faith video going around on Twitter of this guy cracking king crab legs yeah and I mean he's got like he's got this piece a king crab looks like it's it's it's as big around as you know nice.

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