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It's six minutes now past five o'clock sunrise, a beautiful one here as we overlooked the Thurbers Avenue curve, gorgeous fourth-floor studios here on Oxford Street. We got a catbird seat view of what's going on with that Oxford Street bridge that the repairing in. So they do tell you the shift on over on the Thurbers Avenue curve as you head north. But they also say stand your lanes. So that should be the mantra. Okay, because that's going to continue until June Jack period in the Providence Journal run down on what's going on with stop and shop. Just Lisa say that the stop and shop president had a former an apology yesterday, but you know, get stop and shop taken out of full page ad in the Providence Journal yesterday. The advertisement in Tuesday's pro-jo said we're trying to be fair summarizing its offer of pay increases for all the socio. It's and health care with deductibles that wouldn't change among other things a full page ad now CNC always used to say you never argue with people who buy ink by the barrel. You know, so full page ad there. But guess what? Stop and shop the union certainly wants to argue. So the union Representative thirty one thousand striking workers they responded to that full page ad in an Email to the journal. They said stop and shop can buy as many ads as they want. But they can't change the facts stop and shops. Latest proposal will drastically increase out of pocket healthcare costs kick approximately one thousand employees their spouses off the healthcare plan and make it more challenging for thirty one thousand people to provide for themselves and their families if the company's most recent offer becomes a reality union says every working family neighborhood, consumer and community would be hurt. I'm sure that the journal wish that they also. Had taken a full page ad and to enter the coffers of the Providence Journal, but they responded in the Email, which of course, the journal journalistically obligated to report, right? But I'm sure they would have preferred a full-page Ed to poll question from yesterday. Do you think support for the striking stop and shop workers along with empathy too? I might add will wane as time goes by the strike lingers. Seventy seven percent of you said, yes, I'm gonna agreement with people by the way, because you know, it's out of sight out of mind. Twenty three percent of people say no now, I was talking about the mixed reviews. I was getting on my Facebook page, which I use for both personal and professional so kind of piles up, and I do get a an abundance of opinions, and it was about fifty fifty over the weekend as to whether or not people are angry with these union workers for inconveniencing them or more angry with the with the stop and shop ownership for not ponying up. So do you think support for the striking stop and shop workers will wane as time goes? By the strike lingers. Seventy seven percent of you said. Yeah. Eric said. Yep. Unfortunately, life does go on Greg just said an emphatic. Yes. John said, it always does Pete said, I have no problem crossing the line and shopping so he's among the twenty three percent while Steve says, yes. Eight minutes after six o'clock now a gene Rona says the number of unprosecuted felony cases in Rhode Island has grown is. Mario Hilario from NBC ten shocked..

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