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Free talk live four. Join us the number six zero three two eight hundred sixty one sixty especially if you wanna weigh in on river day. The eighty one year old man who has lived on a plot of land. It's got his own house that he has constructed in self thereby beside the merrimack river in new hampshire and apparently not far from the jail that are co host. nobody is currently being held. In fact they may be being held in the same sell or not sell. But you know same cellblocks. So why hold. Nobody's having a conversation with them if that's the case this seems like an interesting guy. His name's david. Lympstone called river. Dave by the locals has been there for more than twenty five years. Just living in this house on. Somebody's property seventy-three acre wooded property in canterbury and according to court documents this is from wmu are dot com the owner of the lives in vermont and owned several plots of land there in the town of canterbury but apparently he doesn't want river. Dave staying on the land and joe. You said this owner is not necessarily the same owner that has always been owning this bright so previous owner of the property of you know said to him that he could live there until he dies and But he just said it. You didn't put it down on paper right. That's interesting thing. I think to get this if it was Said or written and needs to produce this. And i don't know if that's really gonna help us case but you know maybe within the deed of the previous owners they could have wrote that in the deed like this guy. Could've they could've. They didn't probably yeah. And i also heard like on a video yesterday that River dave said he was willing to get a property assessor to prove that is his land. So like these contradicting things that are going on here but it's not clear exactly what that would mean because you know there's no legal title to the land than under the system at least it's not as land but of course you know this brings up a question of what does it mean to own a thing. What does it mean to you. Know is is home steadying possible or should it be possible on. Somebody's seventy two acre plot of land. Where probably seventy one acres of it is completely wooded you know what he's squatters rights. Look like in new hampshire. I'm not familiar with that. I don't know the gallery of it either. But at the at least in this case the judge ordered this guy date river dave off of the property and he's saying now that he will stay in jail or he'll go back home so if you let him out he's going back home to what he considers to be his home. He's lived after more than two decades and the is. You're not allowed to go there. The seems like a very traditional sense of squatting versus when you hear about squatting laws it's like in the cities and people's incident in there and that's why they get kicked out and sort of thing because you see these articles all time but This is like a really traditional one. He's you know generally have good nature He doesn't cause any problems. He had built a beautiful homestead. And it's just a shame that they're gonna just tear it all down and i think it's going to cost them a lot of money to have that happen to like because he's out like a mile out into the woods from wrong so they're gonna take heavy equipment. I'm sure the people that own this property. Seventy three acres I'm sure it'd be smart of them to just let him live out his days and then they can decide what they want to. He's not going to live much longer. I mean he's eighty one years old. Your typical male doesn't live past seventy four and as he's described in the watched the chronicle report on him which is sort of a long form news package. Typical news package might last a minute or two this seven report in one of those kind of down home. We're gonna talk to this guy that go out to his house tours house. It happened in two thousand eighteen. He was described as pretty sprightly. You know for For his elderly age. So you know. Maybe he'll hang on for another five. We actually very healthy. I was surprised when they were saying that he was eighty one. I was like this guy. Looks like he's sixty like he's acting in his his He's very active. He moves around a lot. Very physical. people live hearty lives. they gotta move firewood. You gotta get. Would you gotta feed the cows got chicken. You can get it done. He's gonna freeze to death right. You have to do that. You have to work in when you do that. We stay in shape. I mean if it was my property. I'd be like this guy added a lot of value to where property look at it. So you know you bring up the potential demolish of the building and apparently that is what is intended to happen here. So basically they're holding him in a jail cell because a judge can order you into jail on contempt but there's limitations on that so and this isn't legal advice. I'm not an attorney but it's my understanding that in most most states a judge can only issue up to one hundred eighty days on a contempt charge without having to explain himself. Now technically there's no limitation on the amount of time. The judge can put you into contempt for but if you go over one hundred eighty days six months then you can then sort of like appeal that to a panel of judges who then says. Oh what you've exceeded your authority gone too far so most judges you'll always notice. They always give less than one hundred and eighty days less than six months time on contempt. So what's interesting here in this case at least in the news reporting on this case they're not saying and i don't know if you've seen it in the union leader but at least wmu are isn't saying what the actual sentences he's just being held right and normally when you get a contempt charge from judge judge says fourteen days three months formats. They say a specific amount. So i wonder what amount of time the judge has ruled that he has to stay there. Maybe he should go squad at the judges houses. They can't get out of jail right now. Maybe you shouldn't go back home if they let him out. And you should just go camp out in the judges woods and that would be interesting. The judge andrew schulman's had this to say quote. He holds the keys to the jailhouse in his hands. Which is ridiculous statement but judges love to say stuff like this is like. Hey i'm not doing this to you. You're doing it to yourself points in yourself punching your so. He says he can open the door and leave whenever he'd like all he has to do is agree to abide by the court's prior orders. And i got it. You gotta love river dave's response. He says quote. I will sit here until my body rots but you will not beat me sir. I will sit here until i rot. Or i will go home. I wonder. I wonder if ever david mind if like other. People went squatted. A great as we can we can help him. Maintain the property. And then what are they gonna do. We have a majority of people there. And it's like no stand in front of your excavator whatever's going to tear it down and just say no we're going to let this guy live out. His days.

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