Officer, Fort Drum, Ohio discussed on Indy's Morning News with Tony Katz


The case a group of kayakers said member of their team tried to pass over the low had damaged the green gasol city water treatment plan will need to kayakers disappear i heard conservation officer said the spokesman the worst saying the person could be trip underneath the water due to pressure and force of the damn officers say could be days before they find the kayaker new overnight new york state trooper along with a female are dead following a call for domestic dispute authorities say they have a suspect in custody right now the alive did you gunmen has been identified as 32yearold justin walers an active duty army infantryman station at fort drum he surrendered to police without incident but officials believe water shot and killed his wife as well as chipper jones davis during a domestic situation in ohio are now asking the community to come forward with information after a shooting at a jew under reveal party left one person dead and eight others injured police say partygoers were watching a movie when the suspects opened fire around eleven o'clock saturday night a 22yearold from huntington indiana died in the shooting and several others were injured including three children two adults remained in serious condition at this hour right now police believe there are two suspects but they do not have any descriptions of this done like nothing more motivation bills state appeared till the community they have absolutely nothing to worry about but i'm not going to provide statements permission this falls just make people feel better we suspects or why they do this the suspects reportedly left the scene on foot is still unclear if the suspects that a connect the party or if it was targeted today the trial begins for alah fat man accused of killing in our teacher last october according to court documents mandiana case than taken identity are tv6 this stephanie weight is live now outside the courthouse with why investigators believe this his staff.

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