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So look look. Click on the members. Tab okay members Rated shop there you go and then we sort by most recent or something we have. Oh we have new members one new member this week. Say he looks tough. Michael j. man monroe mansfield man. I guess he is a man revealed. Okay michael No new posts would see what we can. Michael kyw tough. i mean. he's a good looking guy man he looks all mean are you. Are you feeling like this is a little. Maybe like not a real account. Because when i look at michael it's michael with the l. Strange spelling and that's okay. I'm good with strange. But then the last name is capital. J. dash men revealed and the is not capitalized. So an r. e. e. a. Led michael j. dash man revealed. It's gonna word. And when i click on his profile says group badges new member. I'm guessing new member of facebook. I think we're i think we've been hoodwinked. And who said it was okay for him to jain. I did. I did. But i did block. Several people look who. I've watched i see that. Let's see all the blocked members beatrice hulan. Colette smith kielland silver moon raven hair. She's cute though Kimball so we got a few people that are blocked now. Why don't you of them say unblock like i ain't an option to unblock i don't know click on the click not be unblocked but click on the name. Okay that's where why could we unblock to. Okay staten island. You know alicia alicia looks like a real regular person was it. What was the problem. Maybe there was some spamming issue going on in the in the group. I'm not one hundred percent. Sure i don't know we could unblock curry. Gas person strickland. I think we're i think there was probably a reason why she was blocked..

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