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One of the notable things about star wars visions right is. There's a certain profound obviousness in disney going anime for a bit to do start to be dealing some anime studios figure out star wars right because what is anime. Do better than disney. It does the big contrast lease. I see it right. Is that animated knows what to do with the human body. It knows what to do with physicality it knows how to make people like fight in a way that feels super elegant and dynamic and and hyper realistic and beyond realism. Even ray and actually i think that's kind of why came up toward the end of the conversation. We were having about starrewards visions ray. It wasn't just us looking at this specific studios in in recommending stuff from those studios. It's also like saying this. It's it's it's basically saying that. My black i think the way that i put it Like towards the end of that part is just kind of like if you are going to like a star wars movie with like you know a child remove like you go with your parents to see a star wars movie because we. I think that we're talking about you between you be like bowery. We've probably talked the most about the fan of menace of anybody anywhere because like it has some of the craziest lightsaber tools like multi. One between you know. Canova oregon darth maul. And it's just kind of like if you're going to see a star which moved with with with your parents the remove you see cool robes and people jumping e-e-e-e-no tall buildings in a single bow but also they have laser swords what what medium can can can most exploit confessed exploit that animation but what type of animation can best export physicality anime. So it makes sense that they. Would you know like that this that this union would work right and running for a second with wake up the point about the phantom minute specifically to me the component of the phantom menace that visas you know is is darth maul like to me that needed character of his show like this show is kind of darth maul. Darth melissa is director. Who doesn't really fit a ton of his such an awkward insertion into the star wars universe. But like he's it. He kind of works on his own terms. And you don't need to think hard about darth maul malls role in star wars. 'cause he kinda gets thrown under the bus by the end of the prequels. But he does some cool acrobatic shit and has like funny face paint and seventeen minutes such the seventeen minutes of screen time and steals the shell. God i con characterizations in the show. Kinda slight i think a lot of the personality of the show instead comes through in the animation. Ray it's not just the the fight sequences but even just even just close ups on characters faces during the more talkie parts of this show even just the background work right. There's just a lot of beautiful collar. There are a lot of beautiful is in this show. beautiful billy irish outfits on vivian. Really really good drawings some good ass dry and okay good as draw but also the music ray ivy league the other thing that people who i think people who liked this show our our big on the music in this show and i i was so struck by the second upset of this music is like near autumn. Mata and sure enough. The composer for this show is satiric. Asaki right and we should say is the part of the show. That's the music. That's like j poppy. You know it's vis music. It's when we talk about. She wants to sing to make people happy right. There's that part of it. I'm talking more about the or or castrol beams in the show right and that stuff is by satori okazaki who think works with kichi. okabe's production company. Keisha cobb as the composer for neurotic mata. But it's like that kind of. I don't know it's just like very airy and like coral music that nonetheless feels of a piece with the show about robots right like i don't know i guess the simplest way i can put it. If you liked near autumn mata you should watch this. Show specifically Closest what's the closest that sense music can get two string instruments while. Yeah is the way that i would describe. Yeah yeah Yeah i don't know that's the thing it's it's more of a. This is not that strong of a character drama. It's strong in almost every other respect thou ray. It's strong yeah. It's again like the way i put it to you. When i was first texting. You was like. I feel like i'm high watching this right in the sense of i can't i don't even know that i can follow this show properly. There's so much going off like it is almost. It's almost as if they don't want like there is like this show feels so impenetrable that it's almost as if they don't want you to figure it out of lego like listen. Don't worry about that. Look at how cool this flip is yeah. It's a kind of show. Really if i was a billionaire and i had a big if i had mansion in a had a reception area. This is the anime you put on the big four hundred inch screen. Tv you just put it on a lobby. If i was rick to survive just providing survives. That's the thing you want. Something offer bob. You're not gonna put eva on your. I mean yeah put wolves rain on you put this on because this guy is again is a bear. it's robots live show. You know what i mean. it's cool. it's cool. It's cool in that way. The anime can be cool without making a goddamn lick of sense is what is what. This show is ideal. This is the sleeper hit. I feel like i yes. I'm with people on this. I'm with you on this is it is it is is an anime that feels as if it is playing on the tv in anime universe. But it's like the best version of that. Yeah yeah people should give this fair shake all the doodoo compose this also composed for her. He susan me man after my own heart goddamn Is there anything else to even say. Sam aliti i feel like we were just like go watching. Just go wash this dishes bad. Yeah so information you can. Also i mean like it's on prime like everything else is two dollars an episode. You know i'm not we however on on the sound on the podcasts are not telling you that you know that you should share su Whatever means also alternative means of of of enjoying this visual light we when we were honoring whereas when you recommend it i think so much i was worried about the. I don't want us to go on ringer. Verse in for people who may be really are instead of going to visions is like the super high profile thing because it's disney and really do want to sort of be like. Oh what's the next thing. I should watch. I didn't want to go on there and it's been like i just watched killer kill. Anybody could recommend anybody can just staying on netflix. Yeah i like you know. Yeah i was just like i got a i. I know that we're doing this stuff overdue. A you know mainstays. I gotta bring some weird shit the table..

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