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How to rock your retirement and build that plan so that you don't run out of money. Then call us four or 53480909. Yet, even if you decide not to call us, you've got another adviser and you You, you know, Or maybe you just want to ask some questions. That's the thing is that we're here. We serve the clients that want us to be their primary adviser Victoria. However, we also understand that there are other great advisors out there, too. What we want is to educate you. And that's why we offer Rocky retirement is the same reason why we're offering the event coming up in February. I know with your with your good buddy. George Ross. You've got all these famous friends all over the place. I know. And I decided that I want to introduce and all my friends something so in my clients because they are amazing. We want you to take time to register. Damon, You've got a class coming up the 21st January 21st and 28. Yes. So that's the register right now. Yeah, you can go online 22 Thursday nights. Around two Thursday nights, the 21st and 28th of January 6 30 Take 30 and what you're going to learn and discover in that class is how not to run out of money. How do you build that plan? You know? How do you invest in retirement? And why is that? How is it different than when you're working? Still, you know what about Medicare? What about long term care? What about the difference between a will in a trust? How do you know which direction to go? Taxes? Everybody wants to disinherit Uncle Sam. Right. Lower your tax bill. I don't want to pay any more than I have to. So those are all the things that we discussed in the class and not only do we discuss all this over two nights, it's four hours of education. We do this absolutely free for you because that's how much we believe in education. And it's all online it is. And then the next event coming up that I'm super excited about, of course, is Mr George Ross. This is our economic strategy review, You will actually be able to see what we do with our clients. In our strategy. Quarterly strategy meetings our annual strategy meetings because different clients have different needs. We do this? This is going to be virtual again and this particular strategy session you you can actually cannot come online and see our clients will be there. We have guest and you get to see what we talk about. And how we interact with clients and what we share so moving forward our economic outlook for the year and what our plans are and how we stay on top of it and who are strategist are So you have the opportunity to come in and like, sit in the back of the room Shadow us basically. And you get to see what clients experience a chapel with and then we're gonna have a special guest because I just think it's fun. We did this. Last year We brought in Charles Payne. Everybody loved it. And Charles had so much fun. He text me for three days and Charles pain if you don't know he has a TV show called making Money with Charles paint. He text me for three days after it telling me how much fun he had How great our clients were. What great questions we asked, because it's also a Q and a. So you get to ask questions, and we're even putting it out. You can ask in advance I Hey, I would love to know this. I want the juice on this simple. We will have a Q and a for him And we're gonna of course talk about the fourth quarter. Talk about the economic outlook for the year what we're doing in this quarter What we first see what our strategist for sea and we've certainly like for you to join us as well. And you can go to chapel would dot com. It's a simple Ystad go to chapel would dot com and you click the large banner on the home page to register said. Is that so very tough, very top in the corner. How hard is that? Well, actually, it's I mean, it's not even core its front center right at the top of the page. When you go to chapel would dot com You can click and roll in a class in the top right corner. But for the George Ross virtual event and really what it's called. It's called even friends. That's what it is that the divan friends virtual Speaker series, Okay? And click that it will take it to the page, Recon register and put your name your email address in there. Tell us how you heard about it. For you. It's gonna be the radio show right? And then you got it and you'll get a personalized link, and that's coming up. February the 17th. That is a Wednesday afternoon from 3 30 to 5 o'clock, so it's 90 minutes of goodness and fund And education and information. They wanted to continue with the George Pie. I mean, Charles, Spain, I thought, you know that's a long time and a half. I thought and it was like it went by like that. Everybody was asking questions. We finally had to just kind of go. Good. Let Charles go. It was it was way Can't go till 10 o'clock tonight. Ladies and gentlemen, even though Charles probably would, and that's the thing is like, you know, you go online and George does these interviews and they're like three minutes long. You interviewed him earlier last year, you got an hour out of and it wouldn't surprise me. If he decides to say, I'm sure Let's do three hours in here. It was really a lot of fun. So if you're just joining us you're listening to it's all about the money. Honey here, right here on news radio 1000. My name is Victoria. What's.

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