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Do i carry them. One by one like bride after bride across the threshold and removed their boots Welcome to the poetry magazine podcast. I'm guest editor soochow. When i first read genial work i felt changed transformed in a sense that something inside me awakened. I'm always struck by the honesty and her poems. And because i was a shy poet than reading her work emboldened me to say what i needed to say this week. I have the honour of talking to lee about her research into attachment theory the authentic self healing hindsight and ultimately how we can accept our pastels. So i grew up with a father who is actually a christian minister but he was also very abusive and now in hindsight icy that he was also very mentally ill and undiagnosed and now i believe that mental illness runs in my family. I was also recently diagnosed with bipolar. Disorder and complex. p. T. s. t. And so gives me a new light with which i can see my childhood We were the ministers daughter's going to church but then you know on sunday morning before church. The house would be a wreck. Because my dad was throwing things abusive toward my mother and toward me. We were very poor. We grew up on welfare and my father was in and out of prison for domestic violence and so there were periods of time where my mother was raising on her own with multiple jobs. She had dropped out of college to raise me and my two younger sisters and a lot of my first book. Chronicles the experience of that. But you know in hindsight. I actually realized that a lot of that book was told in the voice of the child who still had an attachment these attachment figures. That were a toxic and dr gabor. Mateo is a hungarian canadian physician who talks a lot about attachment and authenticity and how in an unhealthy traumatic relationship. A child is forced to choose between authenticity and attachment and the child off chooses attachment. Because if they don't then they would literally die right..

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