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Pops up. I'm like WHOA. I'll watch this low expectations but Nah can't can't buy that. It's realistic Lee. Lee What did you think of the whole plot where yeah we'll be? Eddie comes down shoots a free throw three three people shoot a free throw. I forgot about that part. You got the guy in the slick suit who I guess is like Harlem Globetrotter Player. Get free throw. He actually throws over the backboard. Doesn't he think so? There's another younger girl and misses I. But what is it? Eddie's free throw technique and just how fun that contest would be Li. Yeah I mean if that's all it took to coach the Knicks then. I'd begun every single knicks game to try to go for sure and really. I mean considering how the Knicks of Gordon lightly wouldn't be the worst idea to just say. Hey let's just give someone a shot at this. Why the Hell Not so? Yeah I mean it's kind of obviously you go into it knowing us a stupid movie. Then that idea that she shoots a free throw and then she becomes coaches like. Yeah sure why not. Let's roll it and see where it goes. So it's I like it. I like it as as an idea and are definitely be down for. It's like it's sort of like in a weird way. What was the baseball movie? Rookie of the year. Type vibe right like I know. He's the athlete. I guess the kid is the athlete because he's got a crazy arm. We've seen other movies like this in real life. We this am bony driver. Go in as long. So why not you know. It's it's a fantasy movie really I mean. So that's what I mean by plausible. I mean the way. They got to her sitting on the bench and coaching the Knicks was. It was okay like it. Just it just. I don't know I was fine with it. I mean I guess but what okay. Let's go through the Knicks roster because there are a lot of NBA players playing characters. And then I wanNA talk about what the Hell Actually Eddie does to turn around the Knicks. That weren't really bugged me. I'm with you JD. Plausible enough. The Ted Turner two point. Oh up there wild bill. He sees something in her. Let's sell some tickets. So they they rigged the contest. We should've pointed that out for her to come down and shoot the free throw. I think there's a Goof in this movie. I read that they announced the seat number. And I'll and it's actually not the she's sitting in one letter off or something funny but the Knicks Roster. Okay Mark Jackson. He is Darren Taylor. Aka The preacher. We got me Celia rest in peace. He is Stacey Patton. Rick Fox Terry Hastings John Salley Nate Wilson Duane. I know I'm probably saying that wrong. That's right that's okay recipes to him as well he is he. Is Yvonne Make Basket? He's the big Russian Ivan Ivan. Just any of Greg Ostertag. He's Joe Sparks. He's the dummy and then for some reason I don't know why they throw in an actual actor Verdel singleton. Is Jamal Dunkin? We don't get a lot of him but he attended and played basketball with shack at Lsu yet skill you could hang. That's the team so a lot of NBA players there. But what does any do when she comes in? And I will say I liked this movie. I like that should be becomes the coach or the honorary coach. Where you'RE GONNA call it and they don't win right away like I sorta did like that little twist like don't you lose three games in a row or something. Seven is a seven up to just strolling with John. Salley spiders so we have more losses than you have legs spider so okay so yes she loses a ton of games but is I guess. Great bad publicity is still good. Publicity is the idea from Ted Turner while Bill. But what does she do? What does won't be due to turn this team around. Someone explained it to me. I know there are little things with each player but even barely right the big thing with Rick. Fox's the bonding with him and helping him in his relationship because he's like maybe getting a divorce so she helps him with that. She helps Yvonne with playing defense and speaks his language a little bit. And and what stacey patent she spends benches them. I mean that that's what she does right. That's it yeah. That's a an gives the general inspiration right well and she takes that charge from Stacey practice you know the troops are just rallying around her. They're happy to be playing for Eddie in that moment. And she gets all the hanger on out of the Locker Room. She tries to make that or fashionable lunch. True she says rights when she first meet Meets Wild Bill. She's in she's outside the Limo and she sang. She saying exactly what they need to do. And it's you know it's very simple. I may get into his head in the game. Have you tried apologizing for cheating on your wife? Have you tried that? Rick but You buying that plausibility. J. D. just happens to driver around the owner of the team. Why not? She's a limo driver and she didn't Bhai was her driving the Limo right up to the plane and then while bill being on the phone and say like just noticing. Oh my limos here Fino eight little almost knocked you over next year private plans. Okay but yeah I mean. Every player had a personal problem or something that and that's where this movie fails right. You could have gone sort of deeper into rick. Fox's problems and and and and the the language barrier with the Russian and I can't remember any of the other ones but it's just You had a great opportunity to sort of go into a dysfunctional team. That needed some psychological. Help maybe and then she. She helps with that. You know that that's fine. I mean you need simple solutions again. This is the NBA players dream rights. Ambi it's fan base so you just go in and you you fix the team. And how do you fix it? While they're they're simple problems that you can fix but you know trying to get trying to get What's his face to be less selfish? I mean he. She basically gets his mother involved right. I mean the whole scene. Yeah the ambush at the street. Ball thing which is very plausible. Now not so weird but again It's a it's a blown opportunity. I I want to remake this movie with with entirely really just make bring him in there and It would be great. Okay Lee what would what would be your your first thing that you would do if you're suddenly coaching the Knicks Twenty twenty. What are you doing the play coach? So.

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