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Next chapter he wants to in the right place right but can they win this the warriors just signed cousins they had the best team in the league and now they got the marcus west do you think the lakers right beat that man i don't think the makers can beat them i notre lakers complete if they get the right guys or they need more guys what do they need more guy got to play fast you've got to play super fares what do you think of them bringing i know this is a news audience i get it run to follow basketball but they brought rondo in the famous guy from the celtics around the league plays the same position as your son what does that mean right i don't mean nothing has got another teammate you're not worrying about backup that's good i'll never wear about competition because i know my boys are better than that little backup that's what rondos known as now to lavar ball should lonzo lavar be worried about his boy i think so yeah i would outstart rondo on that team as possible you can't start them both right now no i mean because i know shooting on the podium and say go ahead and shoot from wherever right now as a right now rondos does a better player right myers dealing with with lonzo guy ceiling because younger yeah but right now rhonda's the better player and it has the experience as got beginning experience and he he's again we watched rondo in the pelicans play the warriors not intimidated by now you'll get and i think that's why lebron wanted them like like old state let's say in the first round the second round and i know they're going to not be able to beat them but you know what they're not gonna pee down their pants like they did with alexa jr smith then maybe he'll clothesline steph curry will land stevens i think demarcus cousins and dream close a few people i actually it'd be like wrestling yes the thing is because rondo has that mentality where he still thinks he's the best point guard in league and he will he honestly believes he's been steph curry honestly does it pisses him off that people don't like that like that level crazy yeah no i think that's why that's a good thing i mean it's a good thing for the lakers but yeah for as as far as a lonzo ball is concerned and we'll lavar ball is saying like direct competition there i mean colorado win the sign there if you didn't think that was gonna scott and ronald is not going to help him he's not gonna be a mental no same thing in the nfl don't want anything to do with helping don't mess now helping anybody says i don't think lonzo ball say much i think it'll be quiet if rondo was taking my time rapping about his teammates lavar she's not gonna keep quiet no quite trips so i think that'll get seriously love him because for what we do it'd be great guy get a conspiracy theory is very real that they leaked out that that his injury thing with his knee and that he might need surgery for as they don't wanna get traded because i think the lakers have every intention trading him yeah that's what i think if lavar ball sets chirpin lebron i'll say lebron we'll say at one gun already said that and i think the lakers i i would not be shocked if before the season starts he gets deal for kawhi leonard he'd be part of it now if san antonio decides that they're gonna move quiet leonard although we've heard more ingram and coups mark i think that's what they i don't think they want anything to do with probably a place for lonzo i like lonzo's game okay yeah anybody thinks the players the dad is a nightmare not he'd be great six kevin looney and somehow somehow lavar ends up with like laryngitis and can't speak here or draymond punches him and the markets cousins and three rod's permission miss they should trade him to just where basketball siberia it would just be funny to see milwaukee hard l d excellent cleveland i love that jared smith and kevin love i would like that survivor smith his boy god no please no yes in love wait till you watch land stevenson in the playoffs you think a blast show people on his leg though blow on him again he was teammates now i know it always p down in many can't play just forgot.

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