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Of the compassion we feel so we knew that the hard this is a perfect for the kids team executives say these designs are historic the centerpiece of the logo is the original smiley face drawn by Worcester native Harvey ball in nineteen sixty three ball is known to be the creator of the famous smiling yellow graphic we're all familiar with there's a lot of western now despite these announcements don't forget the team will still play and protect it for one more season as I said mixed feelings right you know it's gonna have some value pasas merch big time it also load up on your pasas merch because that's going to be a thing of the past police are looking for an al Capone in Providence not the L. Capone N. al Capone's according to the Providence journal report the Providence police department says a man who robbed was robbed of four hundred dollars plus a pair of sneakers he was trying to sell to a man on Facebook who identified himself as Alphonse Capone no arrests have been made as of yet and I have you saw this or not but this made national news network news university of Rhode Island researchers are testing a few anti terrorism tech items CBS this morning checked in with you are I as the TSA anticipates a record level of thanksgiving holiday travel one of the solutions being tested is called a digital dog knows which is a sensor that can help homeland security sniff out explosives just as well or even better than those bomb sniffing dog another creation being tested is called a shmoo S. C. H. M. O. O. which can flash freeze an explosive and this is all happening at the university of Rhode Island Kathy Greg in today's Providence journal says for gambling industry consultants from outside Rhode Island and put in their dips for a contract to advise what I'm the lawmakers in the pros and the cons of bad proposed no bid twenty year extension of the state lotteries contract with IGT international game technology US leaders invited nine companies to bid and four responded with offers to help the lawmakers get past the conflicting arguments that they've heard from IGT and from that consortium led by casino operator twin river so what's the timetable on this thing lawmakers time table the decision on who to hire to conduct this independent gaming study Wednesday December the fourth and the target date for delivery of the completed report is January fifteenth twenty twenty at the so the latest ten minutes after seven o'clock off we go to the highways here's John hamlet needs being brought to us by the T. J. Martell foundation pretty much just be arrive for the S. curves of attacking them past Smithfield and branch Javanese tap the.

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