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To me this looks like really just a one way street down Because of all the dislocations there's always relative value trades that you could be doing This is Bloomberg markets with Paul Sweeney at Matt Miller On Bloomberg radio All right risk markets bouncing back on this Monday morning So we're going to focus on these markets first with Liz McCormick chief correspondent global macro markets for Bloomberg news Get her thoughts as she looks across the landscape here Robert stimson also is joining a CIO and portfolio manager for oak associate funds What is he telling his clients with these markets we've seen so far year to date in 2022 Right now let's go to Craig Jarrett get a Bloomberg business flash reset Pretty good surge over the last half hour Paul with big banks leading the gains in the S&P this comes after JPMorgan Chase and company's chief Jamie Dimon said storm clouds over the U.S. economy may dissipate The Euro is higher after European Central Bank chief Christine Lagarde said higher interest rates are coming in July Patrick Armstrong and purim tells Bloomberg he thinks Scott stocks as of this morning are at or near the bottom As long as you don't see a real earnings recession and I don't think that happens unless you have an economic recession it'll come down to a power wants to do He's got 60 basis points hiking in June and July If he assesses the lay of the land and starts to ease and accepts higher inflation rather than provoking a recession I could see around these levels being a bottom for the S&P S&P 500 is now up from the earlier bottom of 1.1% up 44 the Dow Jones Industrial Average is at 1.6% up 509 and the NASDAQ is up one half of 1% of 60 The tenure is down 1430 seconds the yield 2.83% What's next is intermediate crude is down four tenths of a percent of 109 83 a barrel comic goes up a half a percent in 1858 20 announced The dollar yen won 27 68 The Euro a dollar 6 6 6 The British founded dollar 25 73 That's a Bloomberg business flash Bloomberg markets continues now Paul Sweeney and kitty Gupta All right Greg Jared.

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