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Financial editor, Len Walter. Good morning stock futures rising a little bit earlier this morning. But now they're giving a lot of back. In fact, the Dow future had been up well over a hundred points earlier this morning, giving it all back down six right now as the holding onto a six point move of its earlier advance and the NASDAQ coming in but still up about twenty seven points right now, we did get strong earnings from Home Depot this morning and are a little bit of a rebound in technology stocks which we thought earlier would put Wall Street on track to end a three day run of losses. But now it could go either way as you see. Here's a Home Depot rising better than three percent ahead of the open though after the home improvement chain reported a better than expected boost in sales at established US stores rival Lowe's companies is up about one point nine percent. Wage pressures could increasingly be an issue as earnings growth for the SNP companies expected to slow to about nine percent next year. The main index is really took a hurt yesterday. As shares of apple. Slid five percent several suppliers to the iphone maker cut their forecasts signaling that demand for iphones could be softening by quite a bit. Apple shares edging a little bit lower again this morning as well Bank of America Merrill. Lynch. Investors survey shows that allocation do the global tech sector collapse to the lowest we've seen since February of twenty nine. Meantime, a report that China's top trade negotiator is preparing to visit the US before a meeting between the leaders of the world's two largest economies helped early trading oil prices taking a little bit of a drop here. This morning down two point three percent. Crude futures at fifty eight fifty six a barrel. Among other stocks advanced auto parts rising about four percent. The company raised its full year sales forecast here business news at twenty five and fifty five in the noon business hour live through the CME lend. Walter NewsRadio seven eighty five point nine FM. Good.

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