Thailand, United Arab, New York Post discussed on Imus in the Morning


Why do you suppose that is the the the moderate muslims mccarthy compassion offensive core media on thailand with the call of prominent therapy so that we have a mainly betty programs in the united arab we have a media that is indoctrinated worthy nothing your proposal thirty but my brother had we're going to get an political party we've had our faith in the pot gree nearly electoral and yet the heard leaders without any law but their ideology are very similar to what individual at putting red gearing omni up away on on them away five on another nerve firm apparently and talking about surveillance proud of this whole more mosque and paterson new jersey government out of tuna dutchman under when you can read the new york post here accordingly nypd position on a pumpkin oh connected at radicalization hearing in new york carried big practical at rejected by the public at the rich uncles factory will unfold not because it impinges on religious freedom i can tell you the koran now what court that there will be those who mock or believer but nothing erection within their mock and it is our responsibility rigolato stop them down the prophet muhammad did that in his own life crime if the koran coming johnson where we could not you how quickly of work tabuk clocking destruction and devastation an hour five i don't know why uh and the nypd in the united pay is a limited in that way and i think they need to cooperation from the muslim community that's why here i think merit operation the time web tumbler is it fair recorded i'm reflecting there a guy were there were are many ever it in a in a massacre occurred supermarket up there around the time if it were mcflynn my here south of the never quite diet and lifestyle that but i love the these life anween over here but i'm probably going after no no so his lawyer going to live with the abundant thank you for lecturing abroad are mature motors but i appreciate it one thing to will not your concern about the lack of from cooperation berry enormous public apple who were viewed as widening local radical islam from within our community are you waiting for that.

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