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Well i'm gonna. I know you guys are eager to get to other stuff. So i always ask everybody. What's your favorite thing that you've written in superhero comics in case you've done. What's your favorite thing. Oh my favorite thing written. I don't know 'cause i watch what you really like. What should i read. You know obviously a lot of people are going to reference the death of superman and that kind of stuff an iot even say the work we did his artery wbur's on action comics and some of the stuff that we did when we crossed over with the superman title which Impact leeson were writing. I think that's really strong. So i think it helped bring back end of this core. Who superman is i think. The superman lois in art series. I get that we drew. Which roy brought this. Mary version of superman and lois. Back into the dc. You introduce. john. I think is is really strong still pertinent today because that is part of the foundation that has gotten us to this point where we have john. That's what i was going to ask about out was my time. I won't be acquitted. I i want to point out. The i loved your lows in clark run. I loved that many very welcome and the whole light so the year that that came out. You know being in two thousand fifteen nothing. That's the my son was born. Oh so so reading. The superman superman a dad. I loved and like being a new dad myself in reading. This i thought was great and i loved like just that whole mini series. I love the convergence where john was born and then into rebirth action at. I like rebirth. Like superman and action. Those two books together has been some of the best superman writing in continuity comics in a long time. Thanks i appreciate that very much and I think we're all happy with the way. Turn out and this idea that we Superman has been around since nineteen thirty eight. And and i think the job of any writer is two hours. Add to this from memphis light cds. This tapestry of the character and i get superman in the nineties. I think we really did that. Would the gap stock on so many other things. I think this time around. I wanted to add to it in a very different way. And they went along with this idea of john. And and let's make him a permanent art of the dc universe. This idea of superman. The black suit back on to kind of work behind the scenes in his in john's younger days and everything was just a lot of be able to do lee. Weeks was just for on. The are and i became very like i said earlier. Dacian all to wear superman is now was the john q. When when you took over like when you were writing in convergence in john was born with their plans to bring him in was like john that idea that come from you that aditorial like come in terms of coming oriole was quite the opposite because when we had decided to do of the five year lakers five years later stunt as part of futures. And where is everybody now. One of the things as steady as art no kids. No one gets happy. Kids it. We're gonna look at these characters five years later that's was everybody that's what everybody will come up with so As we got into the convergence idea. I did tell dan. Do you know we give. We have lowest your birth and and there. They are with young john. That child can represent the dc future. D- someone and we didn't know how i even said maybe the convergence world dies and Superman in laws with this child in iraq incentive walk into the into space soaring off to the stars and that becomes your future somehow who known what that will be. But it's an idea that takes down in a row and As we started working on various ideas for what would happen to john eventually was part of west. Just brain that version of superman. Back to the dc universe because we can with the new patty to version. They had gotten to the point. Where that superman in the laws really didn't have a relationship. They were married. It was very different. Look i'd say a lotta readers were lost again and again. It was at random randomness and not having contacts the character because a lot of what they had known was now gone and we. We're able to bring that back into place with superman mostly like saying i at any other character. I love the idea of soup grandfather. I love reading those stories in him dealing with that. And you know my son now rubs super boy and i show him like you know the john can't stuff he he gets a kick out of that he doesn't like me Super boy that's young. Clark kent he gets mad about that but When you were given the the did you ask for it was given to us. Do the mini series Or just come about. Hey do this. We can segue into rebirth easier Always planned know what it in a little bit. Well yes now. I mean the one thing always say creation wanna pick up creation is being like this straight line in it never is. It's an up and down back and forth and one idea goes over two steps and then he jumped back because it wasn't working and then you start over again you know it's sort of messy is what i'm saying but i had introduced. John has part of the convergence event. That laptops with superman and lois am this young trial and by superman lois. It was the more historical version and as part of reaper. He had made the decision that they wanted to get back to something like that. So this again is where gandhi deal said you know. Is there a way to do a series here we you know. Would you be interested in something called superman. melissa clark. That tells us next story in their life. And i said well sure. And here's a week in do and we find out that the world blended in this superman..

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