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Tell me about this sale. All of our action figures till the end of the month there buy one get one free. Goodness gracious fortune watching does smile upon me this day. The action figures are free. Well yes technically you buy one and then you get one for free. Oh wait a minute so I have to buy the two of them nonetheless. You will four otherwise you'll need to buy one and then you get the second one for free. Well now. I'm confused. I only need one. But you're telling me that if I want a free one I have to buy one. Why would I buy too tough guy? Action Figures Virgil. What am I going to do with the second one will? You don't have to get to the same thing. Thanks Chuck by Tough Guy and get his evil nemesis bad brain. Get him for free clue. What am I gonNA do with a bad brain action? figure out a grown man. We'll give them both to your your nephew. Oh come now Virgil to action figures for his birthday. I have no wish to spoil the child. Will you could buy tough guy get bad brain for free. Then hold onto McGinty your nephew for Christmas or honeker. Would've can't I just take tough guy for free and leave bad brain here. I'm sorry chuck but that ain't the way it works you. You GotTa buy one to get the other one for free. This is a real puzzle. Virgil I can't seem to wrap my head around it. How can it be free if I have to pay where you're getting to action figures chuck but you ain't paying for both of them? That's how it works you paying for one. But you get into but I'm still paying Virgil I'm still handing over my money. How is that free three Think of it like this. You're buying two action. Figures fifty percents off. Let me get my.

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