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New york for additional comment but did not hear back before publication. So this guy did the equivalent of pulling a prank right. You know it's like. I don't know your kid. Brother gets gets a car for the first time Don't forget to check the muffler. Fluid are eroding faith in the working vehicles. Roading faith in the automotive industry. You are stealing that from other people. You are stealing conveyance ridiculous things. And here's the truth of the matter. The establishment hates memes. They despise them because the establishment by definition has no sense of humor. That love them so much i am. I love memes. I've created a few not many but a few and they've gotten some play. You know some some re posts and that kind of thing but man. I really love me because people will sometimes say who am i. Gosh i can't believe he responded with a me. It's like well okay. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I'm a mom has got to be worth at least one hundred thousand times that well. Here's something that a lot of people don't take into account about this. I mean the establishment share does the universal availability of means. I mean you don't have to learn anything. Fancy you don't need did how to work new piece of technology. You don't need to put together a story line. You don't need to learn how to draw. It's unbelievably accessible. And yeah sure. Most of them are lame. That's fine we ended up generating so many new ways of expressing thoughts. Some of them are great. Some of them are just and appropriate for moment. They can be done instantaneously about any topic of any kind. The most recent one that i've seen is of course. The bernie mittens. That.

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