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Like skipping around a fake neighborhood on a universal backlot in an old navy up twelve octaves and like sped up times too. it's different. It's not her vibe but she sounds great right like that's great god. Who else did the elton john tribute i. i forget. It was definitely three artists and he was like right there on stage and they kept like singing to him. You know and demi did Fuck deputy song that was like so demi you could tell they were like this is my anthem and it was. I'm still standing and it was like. Oh wow demi like yes but is let's hear them saying not what i would pay for them. But whatever got imagine being locked down for a year and a half and dying to go to like a live event and the one you get a ticket to is the iheartradio music awards twenty twenty one and you have to watch. Demi levato saying i'm still standing. I mean i guess. I'll take it. You say that sarcastically. But it was a great. I mean i watched a lot of those performances and they were fantastic. So i would be okay with it if i was elton john. Maybe not so much. Who and who else look in the description who else was singing it demi her and who else. Oh brandi carlile. Who cares okay continuing. Sorry got that right brandi. Carlile is the most who cares artist of all time we have grammy's artists may have who cares artists brady carlos a little bit of both carlisle. Do i always mixer go-goes girl though but they're totally different. Linda carlisle me too. And i never checked to see if they were different for many many years and i don't think anyone has but she's very different so that's what's so amazing. I don't think anyone really has been really has okay. I love school about he I was trying to make this call. And i asked him say times missile number. I hope that that was not detectable by you guys but if it was i'm so sorry anyway. Little evert removed the twenty four million dollar diamond for had. And i just wanted to make sure you knew Okay crunch crunch. The time has gone. End of an era of the diamond is gone. It almost feels like a stunt. I'm sauce now. If that it was a stunt and if it was it was a great stunt because like wow and then he now dating jt. i'm still like o j t. Like a perfect couple. I feel like it's jt situation where jt's like. I can't look at this anymore. I can't look at this. Have you heard the new city girl song. Torque you later. It's so good to work you later in so good anyways. Yeah but my. My question was like what happened to the diamond. Be stone is gone. And according to page six god. What a great right up earlier. This week vert posted photos and videos on his instagram stories with his girlfriend city. Girls rapper jay. Jt with the pink stone. Conspicuously mia calling z. Vert vert because it's offensively. That's how journalism works really funny because his last name isn't vert names work earlier this week. Lose last name is not vert remain. It's would if anything like it'd be confusing do you think. Jt was like can. I have the stone. just give me the stone. can. I put us in a necklace. Please see if she showed up with like a necklace with the stone. That's good narrative. Fuck that would be amazing. And she'd be like yeah like pussy whipped took his took his face stone out and gave it to me. Like that's so good. What was the story whenever he got it and people were like. Why didn't you turn this into a ring or necklace. And he was like 'cause lose it right he's like what's in my head. It stays there. Did you see the funny screen. The people were posing their applies. Where like i guess thanos like took the rock out like the whatever. I don't yeah marvelous kind of got it. I was like okay. I know there's something called like infinity stones. But i don't know what they do. I think somebody had a fantas- had a stone in his head or don't call. Don't call odd mentioning marvel. just don't grind conversation to a halt okay member and marvel. I feel like there's like meg salter intonation here like yeah like the data's comes in and he's you know there's a stone's make stelter impression needs worst watch videos. That was funny. She didn't fake pride campaign video for like butter company. Talk so funny. Great part of hats last comic. So good in hacks. Hey guys You might wanna know that bb. Rexha headlining the philadelphia. Welcome america foursome. Coli concert on third by wallah can use the crash. Bb of eastbound baby here comes. The sequel did schivonne setup. This lineup like who set up this line. While jane for chevron somebody tweeted the other day that the actor said play chiffon is the same girl who is in the ashley. Oh episode of black mirror. She plays the ashley. Oh stan i was going to mention that but we cut the segment last week about the Chevonne character because i was like i do american. Let tween chevanton aka mayor's gay daughter and the ashley. Oh stan this girl is like a queer cannon now you know because on a roll is like you know one of the most important pop songs of this century. We'll be ticket jinx. It will still be free to the public those wishing to attend the ten can win tickets through a dry developed by wall. Welcome america. I guess we're going. I mean bb rexha and flow rider. Fresh off eurovision seems like it'd be an icon is going to run alina or maybe bb will sing it and flow will. Do the would be amazing. You know would also be amazing when driving the philadelphia. See rex's sing at the wab fourth quarter bucks county candace bushnell touching my lip. Like thinking like oh. Can we make this work..

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