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Extraordinaire Tom's on these giant. Very happy to be here. I know you just had dinner with Carson. Supposed to be there. In my flight. I know we we were waiting for you. Since it doesn't look like we're getting to the bottom of Lucy Lucy. Apple juice gate anytime soon tonight, we brought in an expert. It is my dog trainer. And he's the star of the EMI winning show lucky dog on CBS, Brandon McMillan Abraham. Brandin spent a little time with Walker today. We had walk walked out of the elevator saw Brandon and turned right around. Plenty juggle over Emma was licking him. Guess what? Kyle Richards was the very first real housewife to meet my son today. I put him in Gucci just for. I'm so in love with him. I can't even take it. It's literally like holding Andy without the suit on. The what half of his onesies really wanna put him. Once. He is kind of a great idea is right super easy. I agree. And I love it. Jump breezy talent. I want to show you photos of Kyle's new home in oak. Okay. All right. So. Right. Well, our monitor monitor screwed up here. It looks all purple, but that's all white. No young. Mono chromatic? Is that? Okay. Okay. That's right here like media room. Kyle or you're okay, lashing Marie office. Ooh. Nice way. He is. I think I have a big crush on your husband. The pool area. What do you think, Tom? I think it's really great. Well, first of all I love that. You're you're representing sort of the classic home of the the girls. I think which is really nice. Do you have a really nice sort of timeless house? Would it still feels? Yeah, it's timeless. But it's it feels fresh it feels like a young family as a little bit. It's got a little sort of edged to it. It's a little glam. But it's but it's timeless it'll age. Well. Let me try the way the internet paid six Gary Gianetti, everyone was pointing out today that Kate Middleton was spotted in a Lisa Vander pump inspired blouse in London, isn't Isn't that? that? Why? Why? I mean, that's the Irene. As they look. Exam came for your questions. But before we get to those. Here's about three things. I am obsessed with tonight. I tonight I'm Beverly Hills the job drama continued as teddy confessed to her part in erica's chapel. While John blizzard took his confession straight to the house of Vander pump, watch you have kind of complicated. My line clearly seems to be a lot closer to teddy. I get the call from Vander pump dogs. They said this thing happened which and the dog Lisa wanted you to now Lisa wanted to. I was kind of in it. And I couldn't go through with it. What does she want you to go through with baby telling everybody what degree dead? God oversea John is says something to you. You said Lisa says, it doesn't matter tell whoever K, right? You told her? But then you Kate me. I put words in your mouth that we're not true. And I and I'm sorry for that. Lisa is now in a full tizzy. Don't say anything don't say anything that is when I realized I am set. I didn't realize teddy. It said bring the dog food and I'll ask if streets dog she's setback on tax. Oh, mostly counts inability own you'll poo. So they're telling genome stories here. Yes. Yeah. I think it's very interesting. Well, okay. So first of all I have I have to rescue dogs. Okay. And and so I'm I'm a big sort of. I just sort of kinda hit me. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. The thing is first of all let's let's start from the beginning. I feel like, you know, one of the things that maybe has been a little glazed over as a fact that I loved dri. I've known her for years. She's really house. I loved reaches amazing girl. She's fabulous. I used to know her before she had a British accent. I love her. She's great. But I do think that she and her husband. Maybe this is the second time they've gotten at one of the dogs..

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