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Shot on an iphone entire camera department sit in the backpack using special lenses this features clarify in a very thrilling story she's a woman and she's trying to escape a stalker but she unwillingly kinda finds her way into this behavioral centers hi my name is sawyer valentini highland creek behavioral health facility i am being held here against my will please send help thank you i'll be out of here in like twenty minutes do you know how many calls the cops get that every week those are from crazy people she gets checked in and then she's got to try to find a way out and that's the scary part helen mirren is starring in something with donald sutherland what's that one this is one of those sort of sweet epic tales helen mirren and donald sutherland or a couple that they hit the road in their rv that they call the leisure seeker and along the way they sorta they reconnected a later stage in life and romance rekindles with some laughs insincere and all the emotions you could fit into a movie and you've got another tear jerker forest around everything out yeah this is for the teens bella thorne in midnight sun she's a high schooler with a genetic condition that forces her to avoid sunlight so stay inside during the day and looks out the window and sees this boy pass by it's a long time crush played by patrick schwarzenegger and all of a sudden they get to connect and he may just brighten her world at lisa hello we need that unscented dreary gloomy day or weekend thank you so much scott cardi for being with us you bet news time three fifty four quick look at traffic win marina while the big problem right now is in lakewood we have an overturned semi northbound i five blocking the northbound lanes so the tow trucks are there they have the shoulders open both left and right and this is affecting southbound as well so we have a very slow traffic southbound i five approaching five twelve because two lanes are blocked there your next komo traffic at four oh four and we've got rain in the.

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