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What welcome back to the program. Us congressman thomas massie from kentucky How're things on the form well. The peaches are ripening. And they're doing great. But i had a breakout of pinkai am i heard which have never had in years and i hear that a lot of my neighbors have of them so we got good and bad going on on the farm speaking of of farming You you tweeted this out about a study on. Us dear Dear found in the country that have been harvested I guess for crop damage with corona virus antibodies. Yeah that is fascinating to this study. It was done by the usda. I'd i don't think they held the deer down and took blood samples i think they were probably harvested as as part as we talked about as part of a damage control and They found out that like thirty or forty percent of these deer had corona virus. Antibodies specifically not just any corona virus. Because there are lots of corona viruses. Sars d. o. v. two antibodies and so people may be thinking. Well how do you know. That's not some cross immunity from some other corona virus. Well they go back and and looked at the deer back in december and before december and the antibodies don't exist so they came into existence in the deer population starting in january. The these saggio v. Two antibodies and they. It's like states like michigan and pennsylvania are where they tested i. I'm not sure if they tested any in kentucky and west virginia. But here's here's my takeaway from this tom. You're not gonna eradicate this virus with a vaccine unless you've vaccinate every living thing on the planet and have zero escape from the vaccine which we've already seen that there is escape from the vaccine and otherwise in other words. The virus has mutated to evade the vaccine in israel. They say that the vaccine they were saying was only sixty percent effective against The delta variant. Now it may be lower than that. They're saying and and that the vaccine wears off quickly. They found that the breakthrough cases were much more prevalent in people who'd been vaccinated say before march than those who'd been vaccinated since march and and israel even their prime minister's already got his booster shot. They're going to recommend that older people. Take it but getting back to this dear situation. The other thing that i took away from this is while the. Usda has been more diligent at tracking.

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