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Tarmac meeting we know about it obviously the department of justice must know about it but you still have the deep state within the department of justice that basically is slow walking everything and it's going well they always said the wheels of justice rather slow but in this particular case because it implicates so many people in so many high places that it's a lot slower than normal to get to the truth sooner or later we will we just have to be i think patient and i think the truth will come out more remember of course there were what something along the lines of over a million emails and documents that the congress had requested to see and they only turned over the fraction of those maybe twenty five thirty percent to congress the deadline for the komi memo's these memos he wrote about trump he claims did not have any classified information but a member of congress that is familiar with the investigation says no no there was classified information that he shared with that new york professor who then it was published in the new york times they were supposed to be handed over yesterday now no word whether they complied or not from congress and we've got the anthony weiner a laptop emails which are again nobody knows what's in these things except for the nypd and the fbi because they're all under under seal right now they're part of the emails that are being kept back from from congress's purview i don't know just how widespread the inspector general's investigation is will cover all the things we're talking about here right now or is are there just more investigative work that has to be done to get to all the things because if if we're talking about it here obviously it should be common knowledge to the powers that be in washington they know they everybody knows in the justice department and the fbi and probably in congress but nobody is really doing anything about it they're dragging their feet so i've twenty eight and once again back at the preakness balloon festival getting very close to this year's big event preakness balloon festival two point oh howard county fairgrounds it's friday saturday and sunday may eleventh from the thirteenth and this year's festivals brand new they'll be continuous music with live bands dj's is gonna be helicopter price drop for the dolts and.

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