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This is extra sports 1300 Solomon Kinley, putting no weight on his injured leg, the rookie out of George's and a strong season dolphins excited about his future. Is hobbling off the field. The Dolphins lead night around the trail, 97 and Michael dear. The second year Lymon out of Wisconsin replaces Kimberly on the offensive line. Yeah, it's too bad they've been doing an excellent job, especially in the second half, is controlling the line of scrimmage, giving their quarterback and running backs opportunities. So Jessie Davis moves from left guard to right guard. See how this affects the Dolphins run game. They run the ball well today, most rushing out to the season for Miami today. First in 10 of the Patriots 36 after the injury time out some of my low in the pistol since Ford in motion and off right side. Not much doing there for Achmed. Brought down by Lawrence Guy after a gain of two of the 34. Hatreds do a really, really good job on the short side of the field. And you know as far as especially Unable to go to the ball and really funnel the running back into defenders. Second and eight from the 34 a half to play in the third. Milo in the pistol. And off again, awkward trying to get to the corner and he can't great place shooting up by Kyle Duggar Rookie out of Lenoir Rhine. That is a loss of one back to the 35 so third down and nine for the Dolphins. Yeah, it makes it very difficulty. Once again. You just run out of room. You don't have the ability to try to spread the defense out. It's very compact area, and it's very difficulty hit either a receiver or run. Run a running play running back and have him pick up positive yards. Actually gave up with the line of scrimmage. So it's third and eight from the 34 of New England. Patriots leaving the Dolphins 97. So it takes the shotgun snap. Hands it off to learn that the middle makes a move first down and more inside the 25 Patrick layered picks up the first down to the 23 Adrian Phillips made the stop, but not before a gain of 11 on third Down by Patrick Layer. Doug. I think the Dolphins caught the Patriots defense off guard running it on third world they really did. You know, he started towards the short side of the field, and then he made a cut. Rate up field, You know to the open side and just found a crease in the in the defense and did a fantastic job Getting the first down. Dolphins don't have to snap it before the third quarter ends its first in 10 of the Patriots, 22. Milo. It takes the snap and hands off Achmed, who makes a move in the backfield to make one man miss powers his way to the 19 yard line, and that takes us to the end of the third quarter. Second and seven of the Patriots. 19 says the end of the third quarter for the Dolphins the start of the fourth quarter, trailing the Patriots, 9 to 7. You're listening to the National Football League on Sports. Yusa..

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