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Yeah, anyway, so that sister Rumor will see if if anybody else Besides do mwah confirms, usually it seems like do more hits it like the week before, and then other people pick it up. But we do know that Chan, um is going to be in that other movie that we're all excited about into the Lambs. That's what one in 92 Began in two minds members the awards, you know that it would be the 93 awards for the 92 movie? Whatever I don't know. Something I was saying. I see what you're saying. Rocco, I'll just look up with 93. Best picture. Woz, you know, Okay and s O and forgiven. There you go. You're faster than me. I am just call me Bud Light. Your Yahoo, Hackman is still alive. I thought Julie be more mad because she's such a Kevin Costner did I, But here's the deal. I like the idea of seeing channel on the big screen. But he's going to be in a movie that we're very Say that about he replaced somebody. I love Kevin, Gaza on. We were very excited. The channel was going to be in this movie Bracco, Google it and see what's happening. He was replacing somebody else and we got Sandra Bullock. And he's in the romance. He's going to be the cover model. She's the romance writer, and he's her cover model. And then they both He gets kidnapped or something like that. But they go on. You know the book tours? Yeah, we love this idea for him, so I don't know. I hope this bodyguard thing I don't see it. Unless we do that reverse story line. Where can a mist pop star kind of love that idea, Laurie Now what if you want to know Kevin Costner? Because Yellowstone has been a huge it again tonight. Not Yellowstone. You're thinking a big sex guy comes back to yellow. Some won't be back till June, but it's been a huge hit in streaming. Huge people have binged it love dead and Kevin Costner. Just turned 66 last week and Levi's. He plays Dutton, the head of the family ranch. But anyway, the redheaded stranger a k a. Willie Nelson is out on John Dutton is in at the Outlaws and Legend show. Kevin Costner's band is replacing Willie Nelson's You know his band Modern West. But where and what show Where? At a show and a guest, Sir, we know it's a show that's happening. And, um The Saturday It's so That's because Willie doesn't want to travel right now. It's march 19th. Okay. Willie is not traveling is waiting for a second. Does. He just got his first shot? I think he's worried about his health. He's not gonna go on their own love. Because her Kevin, giddy on up, girl. So, Kevin, how are you? Hi, Julia. Oh, say that again. Actually, I want to meet you forever. It's so nice. You two come in studio. Do you mind if I sit on your lab blows me off girl He played at the fine line. No, that at at the caboose. Was that the politicos? Oh, no, I love him. Yeah. A bit bigger, but no way out. If you want to go to the his, like when we first met him. No way out that movie where he was? Yeah, I'm young. I'm sure now, Okay, There's kind of a cute story. I just want to get to it because it's Dakota Johnson. Sat by the Drew bury more show. You know, you could tell that they were friends and I'm really pulling for Drew. But man I hate I would re change her show in a heartbeat. She waits to have the celebs till the end of our show the good stuff out of the way she talks to the audience, and she cooks and she does all this other crap. That's the end of the show. Monotype daytime show it is it is, anyway. Dakota Johnson. This is kind of a cute story, and she's making the rounds for this movie she's in was she plays the one with cancer, Our friend? I think Jason Siegel is says Yes, yes, yes, it is getting good reviews, but it is just, you know, a sad topic. Um, but it's based on a true story, and I have loved Dakota has been giving us great Dowling. Here. She is talking about the things she used to do for getting reservations at restaurants. Did you or did you not used to make reservations at restaurants under the name George Clooney as to get the best table? No, it wasn't even to get the best table. It was just to get a reservation right now. On. But you saw George Clooney and he was like Yeah, Yeah, Weirdly. I was like he can't He? I had not met him, obviously, And he was like I've heard about what you've done like, Oh, my God. That's kind of cute, but he was cool with it. Didn't she drop, which is famous parents know well, she would just do it and then one should get to the restaurant. And she would just say Well, George is coming in a little bit later and then they would just see her right away and they would just forget about it. Ho, But it's painful lying because I did that once you've dropped a famous thing I did when he was. It was the name of the food critic at the Twin Cities. Reader Name is Carla Wall dimmer. And this is back in 1989. When Champs Ridge Dale was just opening up and you couldn't get in it. Oh, my Champs Ridge down. Yeah, So was Lady Di Li says the group, you know, And so I mean, you couldn't get in champs. I mean, this is just so wrong. And so I said I was Carlo Wall, dimmer from city pages and twenties reading. That's why it worked. And I was the food critic. So we get there. Oh, no, and they seat us, and I said, Well, she's coming. We need an extra chair. You know, right? She's coming, And then she never shows up. He probably doesn't ever didn't make reservations ever in a real name's not Laurie. So here's me because that's the only reason we got in. Yeah, okay is it was such a hot ticket. I mean, that is myself so bad, but I the guilt and the shame of lying, And every time I wait, person would come out. So we're gonna do I don't. I'm mad at myself that I've never done this. I get l A or side down it. It's painful, though. Living with the line, not that kind of a thing, Laurie, you could do it. I could do it now. But back then I mean the girls, but you can't like you have a real Person that you have to do this out of town. You know where you're not? You know, um, when you're not exactly, I was mortified, but of all be, you know, the food critic from the twenties Reader Carlo Wilder Story. I am calling for reservations for George Clooney. Exactly. Exactly. I'm calling for 70. Hanson and 70 march. Nothing but.

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