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Where all the trays go. We're all the food goes anti. They had hot dogs, and they had MAC and cheese, which was average. And then this to add insult injury as we're leaving after the USF game on Friday the food crew they start setting up for the for the bucks king yesterday. So they're all the placards out with all of the stuff that they're going to serve. Yes. So I mean, the bucks have a bigger budget than universities, south, Florida. Evidently, evidently, yes are as for the eagles giant's game. Giants totally dominated the first-half. I mean, it looked to me like the eagles didn't show up like the eagles wanted. No part of it. I mean, it three hundred forty six yards in the first half three forty six totally dominated saquon. Barkley running the ball with him passing it at will. I mean, he was incredible. And they're even sometimes I was almost wondering about the effort of some of the eagles players. But then the second half they totally stepped up on defense. Michael Bennett had a gigantic game for them when they really need them to. He was excellent and the offensive line and run game actually play. Played pretty darn well for the eagles whence was just kind of salad. The giants just didn't have the ball much in the second half. And they kept having like penalties or sex that we're going to behind the chains. And just really didn't give the ball to saquon Barkley very much at all in the second half. And you would just think what the guys that the eagles had playing in the secondary that Odell Beckham junior would've had a bigger day. That was that was surprising that and the eagles kinda save their season for at least a week. Speaking at a Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They ended their four game losing streak. Jameis Winston threw for three hundred twelve yards in two touchdowns. The final Tampa Bay twenty seven San Francisco nine. So correct. Nick molds has come back to earth a little bit. Now. I mean, Nick Mullins he's getting he's going the wrong way. He was great as first game. Okay. Second game. Now, he was bad. That's the problem on the flipside. Jameis Winston was excellent no turnovers. He knows he's playing for his career. Whether that's in Tampa or not remains to be seen. But he's playing to try to stay starting quarterback in the NFL. And he played like it. Matthew, Brita ran the ball. Well for the Niners. He's been very consistent that that was the probably the lone positive really for you know, for the Niners at this point JP had another sect that's ten never thought. JP would get back to the point where you had ten sacks. Good thing. The giants couldn't use those ten sacks this year from JP and Mike Evans. Had a big day as well for the bucks. He usually does. Philip rivers completed twenty eight twenty nine passes including the first twenty five pass attempts for two hundred fifty.

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