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Yeah i would put in my life so much easier swimmer choose i like how that's what you're hung up on just like fire in general but just imagine if this tribe just let one person in with an ipad imagine giving of village and i there they wouldn't know what the fuck to deal with it yeah just even taking soda of the day collegue the middle of new york city oh my gosh well this wait when when did they say it's it's off of india right between india and malaysia of the village here which the village and michelle mcgann or they're the good advice schommer movies i loved the village yet dr was a really cool comes out to the twists hunk of knowing the twist at could move while it is a very old snow movie guys so you know up if you haven't seen village annoyed climbing ah watching it tonight because to something you give to do then than turn turn your the headphones slash and pre free player off right now you can be very flare when you're zude turn your united all right now i have no idea the village is a movie where it takes place 100 in like a little medieval village wait what what year would you say it said it looks like early america sleigh colonial says i current colonial and is comical aesthetic horror for the bell for the earth like these monsters at night come into the town and basic star abducting people think and if you leave i this this village and he goes the forest like surround and forced round them eubased we'd be take away boys monsters yes anyway that contacts the backbone uh um because you realize actually what's going on at its kobe conspiracy but the big twist to end the film is like.

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