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Was one of you and with me now on my many messages on this which also concede shortly. Dr kim deans. He's a lecturer in clinical and health. Psychology swansea university who's been monitoring behavioral trends since early in the pandemic and also professor. Ron echoes the former director of the common cold center at cardiff university and an expert on coughing came. I'm going to come to you. I what have you been looking at in terms of our behavior. I am i thank you so much for having me We've been speaking to this group of people since the beginning of the pandemic talking to them about their views. Their behaviors their experiences And we've done a number of times you know the at the very beginning in march of twenty twenty At the end of the first lockdown during the second lock their third lockdowns. We've really been able to get a picture of that kind of individual experience and how they've been preceding and one of the things that actually brought up very early on As soon as we started emerging from that first lockdown is they're feeling that if they coughed if they showed any signs of a cold that it was perceived as a threat by other people so something that before might just be natural to us. You know to to cough to clear our throat. is actually something that is now threatening And there was a lot of you of kind of the others and me to you know so like this is a this. Is you know those people coughing and doing something very scary and this kind of separateness came up a lot on. The coughing was now a threat which is very different. I think a perception something we've heard over and over again from them over the past year and a half and was surprised to i think did initially it kind of made me sad the beginning because this is something that is natural that is now perceived as threatening and as a result of the global pandemic. I wouldn't say it's naturally necessarily surprising in that people's behaviors and the perception of those behaviors. Change a great deal based on context and based on the situations we find ourselves and with a novel pandemic. we're learning a whole new set of ways of interacting learning a whole new set of social norms And the perception of something that assembles. A cough is changing. Yes do i mean we've had is this. Some of them are very funny..

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