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This is a time my friends when fundamental rights civic virtue freedom of the press, the rule of law, truth, facts, and reason are under assault. Hello. Miss Hillary's back back in his charming as ever. I don't know what what it's going to take for Hillary to step out of the public. She she she can't she get over yourself. I will say I'm a little disappointed because there was there was a time. And I set it on the show many times. There was a time. When I really I really did believe that Hillary Clinton was going to run again. And I will admit when I'm wrong, folks. How I will admit when I'm wrong, and I think that Hillary is this too. I think she's probably not running. That's right. All right. Maybe she's not running fine. I might have gotten. I might have gotten this when wrong. I might have gotten this would wrong, but Hillary still going to be out there. So don't think that you're going to have a Hilary free twenty twenty because she's going to she's going to be a surrogate. She can't help herself. Yes. Be near the near the spotlight in some capacity. Oh, wait, wait. I I forgot to get to this mazy. Geraldo. I think the dumbest person in the Senate. Right. I give her that. I gave her that title. I there are some others that are very close. It's a tough call. But I think maisy Geraldo is in fact, the person in the Senate she had some thoughts on climate change to applicable nineteen. And tell me what you were saying. Get rid of air travel. I said, well that's gonna make it hard for Hawaii. But the green new deal stands for is a recognition that climate change is happening not sticking our head in the sand. So what's really craziest Trump and all his Ninian's and his ilk who thinks that global warming climate change is not happening and rather just stick their heads in the sand. They offer Lutely zero in terms of what they were proposal. All they can do is lock in a tack. And I think that is a crazy position because they are denying the science behind climate change. Yeah, we mock and attack it because it should be mocked and attacked because it's idiocy. I just want to know that Senator Hirono I think that she really, you know, she she's she really came through here. Folks. You really did. Because if you recall when the green new deal was initially initially came out. Mazey Hirono was the one who got a little attention for saying. Well, if we eliminate air travel that will make things hard for Hawaii. Right. She said that and it was one of these broken clock. Right. Twice a day scenarios. We go look at maisy, Geraldo smarter than Okaz you Cortez. Right. She she understands something that apparently a leading luminary of sorts on the left is not understand and. Yeah. But then, but then she decided to walk it back a little bit. Then she decided sure enough that she had given a little help to the Republicans by being sane for a moment by accident nonetheless. And she just want us to know. Oh, no, no, no, Senator Senator Geraldo is in fact, a straight up idiot, and she regrets that moment where she said something accidentally that was inciteful or intelligent, and she would like the left, and the Democrats didn't know that she is still a full. A full on imbecile and does not have anything to add to this discussion worthwhile at all oppose the green new deal is not crazy. What's crazy is is a rather the green who deal is not crazy oppose opposing it is so so there's so there's that speaking of what they I will miss this back to the Hillary thing for a moment that we will not have the Trumpster going full on mockery of Hillary, which which would have been great. But at least we will have the Trumpster mocking Elizabeth Warren who so very very richly deserves. It playfully. This was him at CPAC twenty. I should've saved the Pocahontas thing for another year..

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