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The water. Jumps into the water. Pretty much got some great away up say forty two year old Joshua Stewart was arrested behind a whole foods supermarket in Brooklyn on third street earlier in the day, they say he stole a man's wallet at gunpoint in sunset park. He had been a bathing police since that shooting on Friday and Ulster county at the General Hospital. Nobody there was injured. A Holbrook man has been released on a half million dollars bail after he was charged with DWI and striking five boy scouts along a road and manor Ville Sunday one of those scouts twelve year old Andrew McMorris. Wading river has since died. It is expected that the charges against fifty nine year old Thomas Murphy will be upgraded as he left the courtroom yesterday Murphy's attorney sent condolences. A fifteen year old boy who is also a scout remains hospitalized with serious. Injuries. Officials with the scout council is offering condolences as well saying everyone is going through a difficult time publisher Ford says supreme court nominee. Brett Kavanagh was questioned by police in New Haven, Connecticut following one thousand nine hundred eighty five bar fight. The police report released by the New York Times says that while attending Yale Cavanaugh was involved in an altercation at a bar called Demery's a twenty one year old man at the bar accused him of throwing ice on him. Also during the altercation a friend of Kavanagh's allegedly threw a glass at the man injuring his year. Now while this police report was filed neither man was arrested. This report is brought to you by Nissan intelligent, mobility, traffic might.

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