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Bureaucracy of those who favor government control over individual liberty Read learn and fight Pick up the authoritarians by Jonathan E mort on Amazon or wherever books are sold Or visit dot com slash the authoritarians That's emo RD dot com slash the authoritarians Hey Jen we need to sell our home Do you know what great agent I do We just sold with a local Redfin agent It was awesome and we paid a 1% listing fee because we bought our new home with Redfin too Wow 1% are Redfin agents full service Totally Our Redfin agent did it all and we sold for thousands more than the home next door I'll check out Redfin today 1% listing fee when purchasing with Redfin subject to minimum terms and conditions does not include buyers agent commission Learn more at Redfin dot com or call 8 four four 7 5 9 7 7 three two Hi I am Julie Whitman Klein the producer of the Trinity health freedom expo This expo is more than a convention It's a community of family a resource for knowledge in a safe place to express and expand your beliefs in the company of like minded people Now more than ever we need to support and defend our health freedoms The expo is here to provide you with the knowledge and support to do just that at the expo you'll discover new wellness products and hear from health freedom and natural health advocates like doctor sherry tenpenny Jonathan E mord doctor Brian hooker none of Kai and doctor Caroline leaf it is my great pleasure to invite you and your families to join us along with more than 45 speakers and 75 exhibitors on October 2nd and third in Tinley Park Illinois as we gather for a 28th Trinity health freedom expo so that together we can continue to empower ourselves and our communities visit Trinity health freedom Mexico dot com to register today For over 25 years Chapman.

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