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This is sports overnight america the weekend recap with candy doing good good good morning good whatever i got no clue what it is for you i just smell it is the weekend recap in sports overnight america from me andy dalton wow what a week started out with the craziness from me nbs free agency frenzy that happens all came to a crazy crazy night on saturday in las angeles california where there was an earthquake felt in three different places california las vegas and phoenix and bam why leonard besides the goto de las angeles clippers as well so what a crazy crazy start to the week when you have a obviously boys of summer get ready to play andy midseason classic would be all star break happening you have wimbledon going on in some amazing stories there man this cocoa golf corey cocoa golf the youngest girl the winner match there since nineteen ninety one i believe when jennifer capriati did it back in the day a so amazing stuff with her she's been really the talk of the whole tournament so far there's there's a couple of other things happening like andy murray and serena teaming up to play doubles together pretty cool stuff there and then you had what i guess would be the big show between rafi on the doll and nick cheerios andrew cure is just one of those guys man that ultimately he's a personality he's a character but at times he can really play a meme game of tennis to so the guy's got skills the guy's got a lot of talent but he just can't keep his head on his shoulders straight in a hearing rafer don't seem to necessarily like each other so made pretty good match there too so that's kind of the gist of what happened in week one at wimbledon and then obviously a big time stuff with the world cup in those ladies holy cow man unbelievable what a team how fantastic are they two consecutive consecutive world cup is now a meghan phony she's she's a star among stars these women are absolutely fantastic that's all i can say they're absolutely fantastic they deserve all the glory all the praise it's amazing i'm just getting started you can't tell hey keep a close eye married or if it's a weekend recapping says sports overnight america five recently discovered the powerful health benefits of cbd oil i've been using new leaf natural cbd oil for some time now and i love it cbd oil is non intoxicating would make which makes it ideal for people like me i want the health the benefits of cannabinoid but i don't smoke weed i never will smoke weed that mind altering facts i do not need cbd is nontoxic has potent pain relieving as an fyi inflammatory whether it's properties as well and

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