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I feel at peace because I'm here with my friends, which that is us. The reason why you're going to be happy in the reason why your friends where your friends because we have stories today. We got some good conversation. We got, we got questions. We're gonna post the audience out there and we have the food is into night. We have such a variety of foolishness for you. We got, we got fun. Foolishness. We've got animal foolishness. We got political foolishness. Ignace we've got giggles. No monkey foolish. I'm sorry baby. We get even some sad foolishness, but to top it off, we even have video game. Foolishness of so much happened. So men so much foolery happening out. There is van of all of it. Oh, it is going to be foolishness as covering everything tonight. And before I go any further, let me go ahead and welcome these folks over here. I don't wanna keep any longer than you need to be talking about our aid. I saw them talking shit while you were talking shit to me baby. They were talking shit to me too. They said that means that supporting, they are supporting, they court. Please just shut up. Let that woman win. The damn town in the. So they can hear talking and they can smell taste is all kinds of stuff. I'm talking about the one the baby. All right. Gene. Got you. What the one, the only that ten attack that was a monkey foods is right there you go. Maybe a little bit of assist tonight. I think that's all you get his. She is happy to you may night gene. Look at the end of my that's real smoking monkey videos. They were funny. There's nothing funny about a monkey about catch cancer. Except that right there. It's a monkey smokers talking to cigarette in. He's got the cross is Google in a baby. Giving me the thing. Fuck you. Core will buck you too baby. And..

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