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Dialogue on the other side of the highway and that's a beautiful use of wind screen because all you see is desolate empty highway in two men look at each other wondering if they need to strike up a conversation it's like an epic moment out of samuel beckett practice but it's similar beckon if he wrote for hitchcock's so i love i love i love the i've looked at the scene how many times since i saw for the first time as a teenager i don't know a hundred and it still has a lot of real magic and power and kind of an unsettling black humor to it that the hitchcock in a nutshell i love this hitchcock had to be referenced somewhere on this list well let's just did you just did it thank checking that box we're window vertigo so many great films of the birds you could choose from a lot of scenes my number five is the scene from the end the climax of the silence of the lambs the great jonathan demme film the number four overall seed in films spotting madness did very well when clarice is being stalked by buffalo bill in the basement of his house this is the scene that starts with jodie foster's clarisse entering the house and it's all her point of view basically we see what she looks at the last shot before the lights go completely black it's her seeing decomposed body in a bathtub and then when that cut to black happens the next thing we see is buffalo bills point of view through those green night vision goggles and now we're looking at clarisse and then for the next two minutes it's this silent cat and mouse game with bill and us really as the viewer being the cat and of course clara's the mouse and there are occasional cuts back to his face those straight on demi close ups that were so used to accept here we're not able to see his eyes ragging straight on at those goggles and mostly it's a great scene in it so affective jeff talked about the mission impossible scene and kinda holding your breath on behalf of the.

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