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Thirteen year old Jamie Kloss missing since mid October nowhere. She was didn't that tell us, which is okay. As Jamie's aunt sue neighboring Allard three months ago, the girl kidnapped from her home in Barron, Wisconsin, where her parents were shocked to death. Mark kilson has lived in barren all his life. And can't remember a day. Like this one episode. Baroness ever witnessed? I think the safe return of Jamie clause has wiped away a somber mood. That's lasted nearly three months. Nathan Huddleston lives near Jamie's home on the west side of town, very thankful. The mood here and baron is one of gratefulness that things turned out this way, Al shock for CBS news baron. Wisconsin Jamie is being checked out in the hospital. A suspect is in custody looking around for a few billion dollars to build a wall on the Mexican border CBS's Steven Portnoy sources confirmed the White House has asked the Pentagon. And specifically the army corps of engineers to look at unspent funds that could be redirected to build the wall. If the president declares a national emergency one particular pot of money now being I'd is some thirteen point nine billion dollars that congress approved last year for the army corps to repair hurricane damage in Texas and Puerto Rico, those projects would be scrapped and the money moved to the wall is controversial. But this turns out to be legal men bringing child brides. Into the United States, and it happens more than you might think we live with CBS's Peter King. The government has approved about five thousand petitions by adults for minors in foreign countries. And according to the Associated Press about three thousand for minors petitioning for adults during the past decade, critics say that enables forced marriages so that the adults can get US citizenship, but it's all legal because immigration law. Does not set age limits approval depends on whether the marriage is legal in the prospective spouses home country and in the state where the petitioner lips Jim a snowy weekend for this weekend. Nearly forty million people major winter storm stretching from the Rockies to the east coast. WCBS TV weather caster Lonnie quiz, looking like, you know, five to twelve inches, maybe even say eight to twelve inches around Saint Louis. You realize the biggest snowstorm Saint Louis has ever had twelve point eight and they're forecasting eight to twelve could be a record center for them. Winter storm warnings are posted in several states. You know, how foods and drinks have.

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