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Good morning friends. I forgive you forget me. Everyone is forgiven. That's a nice meditation. I just did that meditation. This morning I have a little allergies. Have some allergies? Took some allergy medicine having my coffee and my morning meditation. And then my yoga pants requiring myself to to Yoga with Adrian on Youtube this morning as an exercise routine it looks pretty nasty outside in Colorado and things are wild. Things are wild. I hope that you are well. Oh and by the way. This is tracey sue and you are listening to what. Tracy Soo do where we ask better questions about things that matter going to talk a little bit about manifestation law of attraction and Corona virus so love attraction is interesting because often comes off as blame. You did this because you thought wrong. Thoughts. If you were thinking the right thoughts then none of this would have happened. And that's actually it's kind of an asshole message frankly because it denies really basic human fundamentally important things about how we process how a process grief. Howie process loss how we process things not going the way we had planned how we process disappointment. So you manifested. This is really just saying skip grieve. Look on the bright side. What can you do? That's positive today. No when you skip over the hard stuff you don't progress in your cultivation of self in your capacity for joy and you definitely do not examine what you want so if you are insisting that no one is allowed to be negative quote unquote negative. Whatever their interpretation is or your interpretation is negative which generally means fear. Fear can exist alongside love. Of course it can. That is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Fear is not the opposite of love. It's just part of being human. That's all it is that is it. That's all it is and your fear is actually really helpful to tell you something. You should not shove aside fear and insist that you're not going to be afraid because you don't want to manifest something negative or something that you don't like to not shove it aside and be delusional about your fear that's that doesn't eliminate your fear it just shut your fear temporarily the effects of fear we'll still exist in your life. So what do you do with fear? You just accept fear. I'm afraid when you accept the things that you're feeling and the irrational sometimes irrational sometimes legitimate All of its legitimate. Let me take that back. All of it is legitimate. Any feeling that you have right now is a legitimate. Feeling is a credible feeling. Is there to tell you something? It is there if you're afraid of money. It is there to tell you about how unstable life is in general unstable the way we're doing our economy unstable the way we're making our living unstable the way we're handling money so that's a really important thing feelings are information that's what they are. They're information they can be information about past wound that you haven't grief through. They can information about a current situation. And how you need to change how. You're making choices. They can point to insecurities and then you can trace that insecurity back to the source. If you will wear that insecurity developed they can point to all kinds of really great information. You do not have to shame yourself for having fear. You did not make something bad happen like if you have lost your job. You did not make that happened because you had the wrong thoughts. That is not how this works. That's not how life works. It's not how long attraction works. It's not how manifestation works there are compulsively negative perceptions. But if you look at those. It's called the shadow and how we deal with our shadows way looked straight at it and we say okay. That's it I'm drinking too much. I need to stop. Truth is the way out right so anything that is not the truth is what manifest things that you don't want necessarily right so if you're refusing to be quote unquote negative enforcing your feelings to shut up and go away than what you're doing is denying the truth for you. You're denying the truth of your experience. Denying the truth. That's there the fear. Is there a point to the truth? What am I afraid of? When I was doing my dream board for this year I did not do one in twenty nineteen. It was the first. It was the first time in well since two thousand seven that I have not done a dream board and I just had this fury real sense that twenty. Nineteen was a recalibration preparation year. It was a time to step back. Really analyze what. I wanted really face the truth of my life right. I committed to Torch accidentally committed to stop lying to myself about other people to stop lying to others about other people and their intentions in their effect on my life. I can't do this because I recognized a pattern in my romantic relationships in which I still accepting someone's potential and seeing their soul instead of their earthly self right their personality. How they're behaving in their life with they're doing what choices they're making and those things will affect my life and those choices do affect whether I can have a Healthy long-term awesome fulfilling relationship rates. So it had an effect everywhere. In my life it was very disruptive and it was very difficult to go through and there was a ton of loss a ton of laws and a ton of of choosing new boundaries. People don't like boundaries. They don't like change to say I'm not doing it. This way anymore is very disruptive idea recommended I recommend it because I think going forward I will have different kinds of relationships and I also recommend it because you know what I found out. I'm not afraid to be alone actually very much enjoy being alone. I'm not afraid of being alone and if I just look at what I'm feeling and what I'm doing things are pretty good for me. I've done a lot of self cultivation since nine eleven honestly nine eleven was a big turning point for me and I keep talking about nine eleven because it was an event that was unplanned that had extremely disruptive disastrous personal effects on my life There was the trauma of witnessing. There was the just culmination of really shitty circumstances that I did not manifest because I was thinking the wrong thoughts and I did not go down a path of depression and self discovery because I had a negative attitude what I had was completely human response to circumstances out of my control and I did not respond wrong but it was a q- It was cute. That said you know what the way you are operating in the world and at the time I was operating in the world with a very Well with a life plan right and my life plan was You know you do this. You GET MARRIED. You have kids you stay married mom quits her job and tries to work from home as a writer and The Internet exists by now so everybody should be on board with that. And I'm denying the fact that we actually still have discrimination and bias against women and mothers and Very Difficult God. I would say five years after nine. Eleven of a true death of self a true grief period and I came out of that.

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