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With a new building or significant uh transportation in our case investment or with i t it's all costly i've learned how to do that and do it in a way that is planned to where it's going to benefit you where it's going to lower your cost in the long run we happened to be at a point where in had to be done when you're overpasses are falling down on the roads when you've got chuckles across the state when you're the crossroads of america and you don't even have your road system build out they need was there you know one testimony went through it was and near closest a unanimous sitting on ways and means and roads as i've seen as his heartburn a guy like me that's a fiscal holco fiscal conservatives i is since a factor was in again user fee is not a euphemism trucking companies and the people that use the roads will disproportionately pay for this but the big thing is it's now something that's been ago from concerning two critic thank goodness we have the foursided shared of end on fifteen or twenty years ago it wouldn't have been is painful we shouldn't have diverted the sales tax on fuel to other things that's being phased mac and uh i was on roads and ways and means heard the discussion it was closed in unanimous in the need for the typical taxpayer who pays three hundred bucks a year on repairs is going to have fifty dollars to sixty bucks and increase gas themes understand that uh at a like any tax increase i never be for one involved consumption to me this is tan jamal were rebuilding our infrastructure we have something to show for it for many years should have been done a long time ago as we remind on my conversations oakland of pick your brain on by with your business background is we're seeing and the.

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