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For two million dollars raising two million dollars when drew holiday cost one hundred twenty five million there is a lot of precedent for that the ability to get this guy at this age at this value although with a luxury tax situation ding gilbertson it's closer to fourteen and a half million bryant didn't rose say during the season with next that he was looking for somewhere the neighborhood of one hundred forty million dollars was looking for max contract before harry classy as it's insane at one year two million dollars is crazy that you can get a former envy p under twelve under thirty years i mean my miami's talking about may be getting dwyane wade back for the mid level accepting which is twice that but wayne's at the end of his career derek rosy right i mean it it's a low price to pay for potential upside but does it helps arose one year may be gets the finals makes major values joined at at the ryder cup john waiter getting he's trays betting on himself we were always in a spot with lebron at any time they added a piece of valued older question marks around in them we always said braun would make that work i think yesterday was the first time on my time line that i saw people laughing at the experiment with their rosa it's not laughable it is not laughable he is less young less healthy less good from the perimeter career irving but a two million dollars he's value yes i mean if he plays with your second team then he's the guy can come off the bench he averaged eighteen points again 47 percent shooting like this is a player this is absolutely valued two million dollars is the in the nba is the equivalent of minimum wage i was reading saw it was either on sports center i read it on espn dot com where i think amongst gordon the nba last year he was second or third in terms of points in the paint like he could still get to the paints they'll get if you you can't get some one.

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