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And i'd like to first of all just ask that everybody keeps those involved in this incident in their thoughts and prayers and and as as well as the the first responders all government agencies all of us that have come together and working on this incident please keep us in your thoughts and prayers and know that we're working very hard to make sure that we take care of the families who have loved ones involved in this incident had like to take a moment to talk a little bit more about the family assistance center as chief castle mentioned we have that set up at the cas at the convention center homework were fully operational right there right now excuse me and we've met with multiple families were continuing to interview the families in the goal of that center is to provide families information about the identification of their loved ones and as importantly to collect information from them so we can make the identification says fast as possible so we're working very hard at making those identification zone of respect for the family i'd rather not go into any details about the dissidents or their injuries at this point i'm available to answer any questions at anybody away half yes sir in order to hand over these many by air well i would like to say were about us quipped a is equipped as anybody in the country i don't know that anybody can be fully equipped to handle this but we've gotten support through grant long money in our county commission through the years we've trained in we've exercised and were putting that training and exercising in place right now and i think our staff along what the police department menson fire departments are doing a heck of a good job in handling this all things considered abdel shirt kengo him passed you have enough space coroner's office we do have enough space right now yes sir go ahead so as of right now all of the firm confirmed fatalities have been abc been recovered and they have been transported to our office yes upi i believe that key that includes the shooter but again that to that.

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