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Eight four four five hundred forty two forty two six three Eric Holder would be the perfect democrat Canada scofflaw who was held in contempt of congress. Yeah. Well, here's a here's a good lane. That. For made six oh, Elizabeth Warren and beta white people trying to run as something other than white paper. That's that is that's an excellent lane. That is a that's a that's true lane. Right there. Eight four four five hundred forty two forty two beaver state Finian says one of our idiotic liberal senators is considering running for years. He's had his snout landed in Awad as well. You know, what Jeff Merkley I call him. Matt I call a meth jerkily has patches IQ, none of his char-. Jeff Merkley is he the one that has the list which widen Ron Ron the Ron by. I'd like to be reelected. You're you're you're gonna give Ron Wyden. The pass though, he's the one who led James Clapper to perjure is himself as legion. Do. So would say. Yeah. But I think that was one of those swallows the cap Toronto deal. You know, I don't think he knew what the hell. He was doing something happen. You know, eight four four five hundred forty two forty two nine one nine is at the right time for another Kennedy. The only Kennedy I want to see running as John Kennedy. And I don't mean John F Kennedy. I mean, I I mean, John Kennedy from Louisiana. I liked that guy. He's a Republican, of course, eight four four or five hundred forty two forty two and some some people have already stepped aside like small Duval, Patrick, the former governor of Massachusetts is not running. Looks like Amy klobuchar is going to run someone left her presidential campaign documents behind out of coffee shop and a reporter found him. Like mock-ups of her logo and her campaign slogan, and everything again was this do you think? Do you think the reporter really found them or did someone give him a tip that they would be there? You know, where where is the I don't even know I've been I've never been able to really pronounce her name clue klobuchar. Is that how you pronounce did closure closure? I guess I can learn to pronounce it. I learned how to pronounce Blagojevich Blagojevich. I mean, he's going to get that pardon. I Florida just gave like a one point four million felons the right to vote. I mean, there's there's his he he'll he'll be the early favorite in the Florida primary. If he gets the pardon he gets out, I guess Eugene Debs did run for president from prison Lyndon LaRouche. Did I I believe in from NBR in we was in Rochester with Jim Baker. The Reverend Jim Baker and the Raymond rubber lips Patriarca junior. Eight four four five hundred forty two forty two. How many of these Democrats are just setting up to raise money? I I'm telling you if you've ever been to the Senate and sat up during the gallery, they all they all have. They're all legends in their own mind. You know, they on on both parties eight four four five hundred forty two forty two Russ you're next with Howie Carr. Go ahead. Russ first of all all the democratic candidates running for president as far as I'm concerned near the bottom of the barrel. And they don't even deserve to be American never mind, president of the United States, and how we will tell you when I think of most of these scumbags that are in Washington. And I think of the fifty six signers of a direct correlation of independence and five of the scientists were captured about the British tortured and killed twelve of them their homes, ransacked and burned twenty of them had their sons captured and several of them died in the war. It's serving that was did they do understand that that was a pretty vicious war. You know there. There's been a couple of recent books about that. There were there were Tross cities on. Both sides, and there were people from basically the same country fighting. It was a civil war in many ways. Yeah. Now, let's not forget they pledged alive step fortune in this sacred honor. And really telling me how many idiots in Washington have any kind of sacred. Okay. Seriously. I I it is so disgusting. How we can really question is. Now, if you if freedom in jobs are important to you, then reelect President Trump, right? If you want the environment Nazi MacDill jobs take over the country and take away your freedoms then both for some idiot in the Democratic Party. I I agree Russ. I mean, it's it's very dangerous to vote for a democrat. I mean, Hillary Clinton made no secret in the campaign. I mean, she didn't say I want to get rid of the first amendment the second amendment. But that's what it boils down to all the things. She was saying. And I mean, you see you see what they were trying to do to Donald Trump. They're gonna. And if Hillary had been elected we wouldn't have ever found out about any of this what they were doing. And they're still waging this this this rearguard action to prevent any of them from going to prison or or divulging who who was really behind this. And I think we all know who's really behind that at the end or who knew about it at least. So I mean, it's very it's very dangerous to put a democrat back in the White House or this any one of these current crop of Democrats. I should say, Shirley, thanks for the call Russ. Shirley, you're next with Howie Carr. Go ahead. Shirley. Hello. Hi. Now, let me tell you. I think your Keller John newest Mack TV outstanding. Thank you. Number one, number two trees. Well, I seen yet. Peg crew mention that chop out. He did he said that they should just. Confiscate or? Take all of El Chapo is money. He supposedly has fourteen billion dollars. And they could just take that money. The government could grab it. If when he's found LT as part of his restitution, or whatever they wanna call it revocation, or I don't know. I don't know what the word is. And just take the money and use it to build the wall. By the way, there was there's a new story today out, Shirley at the trial of El Chapo, it came out the afternoon that he bribed the former president of Mexico the guy that Trump met with during the campaign. How about you? Excuse me. Auto pen yet, though, a hundred million dollars hundred million dollars pretty good bribe Hillary Clinton's looking at that like impressive. I remember when Whitey Bulger had one of the candidates for city council on his payroll for one hundred bucks a week. Hundred million dollars. Thanks for the call. Shirley, keep less than Neil. You're next with Howie Carr. Go ahead nail. How you doing tonight? Good. So I was wondering if you thought about our famous closeted democrat here in Massachusetts, Paul divall, Charlie Baker. I only started listening fifteen minutes ago. I'm sure someone came in with this already. But now, I I, you know, I don't know. Have you seen the that? Now casick is being courted the form. Now, the former governor of Ohio is being courted by MSNBC and CNN just like Jeff flake, the never Trumper. Former Senator from Arizona. I mean, don't you think Charlie baker's Charlie Baker should be in the running for a gig MSNBC or CNN? I mean as much as as disappointed as he is repeatedly with Donald Trump for president. You know? So I'll be serious now. What about a guy like Joe Manchin? He seems like he's a democrat who has to live in West Virginia. Righty? I'm not sure if he was just showing his is I need to be reelected spots. Yeah. I kind of I think he's kind of oily Neil. And his his his daughter has got a has got. She's she's does those what does that medical device that technology Steve where they charge? You a depends epi peds, and she they were charging like hundreds of dollars or thousands of dollars making huge profits. I think she I think she finally moved out of the presidency of that company. But yeah. And the other thing Neal is that's a that's a small state, and it's a Republican state. And it's it's not going back to the Democrats the democratic governor just became a Republican. I I don't I don't see mansion someone says where is Sam Nunn when you need them. See see him. None. Couldn't go anywhere. The democrat party. None of these. None of the people that were senators and governors when we were kids would would get out of the primary they probably in in states like Massachusetts where you have to get fifty percent of the vote of party activists that a convention to get on the ballot. Some states have rules like that. They couldn't even get on the ballot. The none of these scoop Jackson, you think scoop Jackson could get elected in Washington state now. Hell, no. No John Connolly in taxes. John Connally was one of the first Texas Democrats who became a Republican. He was ahead of his time. Rick Perry will use to be a democrat all those all those guys in Texas used to be Democrats. Phil gramm. There was no they saw. There was no future for them in the in the democrat party. I I'm not even sure there's a future for a guy. Like beta Rourke, you know. I mean, he is when you get right? I don't care. What is his nickname is? He's a white guy. He's again, he's a Caucasian that make a Caucasian male any Scott. A wife about a husband a wife that that makes him an enemy of the people as far as a huge percentage of the Democrats are. Five. Oh, wait. I hate to think of this. But we'll moot. Shell run in two thousand twenty. I don't think so I don't think so besides I hope not Oprah. Oprah's already endorsed beta hasn't she I mean, she had an event for him. And I it's like, it's not gonna be Oprah. You know, they were trying to push her into a race in two thousand sixteen but she's not going to run. They're all a bit oily says a nine. Yeah. Nine three seven. Yeah. But some of them are able to you know. Use the anti oil shampoo, a little more effectively than others. I always like, you know, I see mansion sometimes on TV, and I always want to like, you know, take a shower after I see him eight four four five hundred forty two forty two. We'll be right back. I'm Howie Carr. Don't touch that. Dial. Come. We'll be back after this. So here's a timely stat for you almost half of us make a New Year's resolution every single year, we've all made them and most of us have probably broken them happens to the best of us. My renew years resolution is not the fall off my bike this year. So far, I'm doing okay. When my hand gets better, probably it'll be harder to keep it..

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