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Best in ring work, but the to you know added together really made for a really good performer, and you know you believe that he was the fuck out of these people didn't matter the size he gave. He gave the the whole. It's not the size of the dog in the fight sized fighting dog mentality to a lot of people and you know it. It didn't matter, so he just I think for for me. That That worked his way into the top ten and then Bret Hart. For me, one of my favorite wrestler is growing up He was the excellence of execution for a reason e could. You know you had a really good submission set. Ee was really GONNA striking. He was really fast in the rain he made. Other guys look really well are really good and I just think that put him on top five for me. anybody have anything about the knicks five six seven or agreements disagreements. Now. Smitty your next with your five six and seven at number seven. You have Chris Jericho. Number six, you have ricky steamboat and at number five. You have Chris Ben Wa talk a little bit about Jericho. This is the highest. Jericho is on anyone's list and then, of course there's ricky. steamboat in Chris Benoit's. So why why do you feel Jericho deserves the number seventy or soccer a little bit earlier. When he was on. Joe's Lewis that number ten. Tell me, so tell me why you feel these a number seven, and of course talk about Ricky steamboat and Chris Benoit's. US. My number seven. I own A. He accredits up ten for me. Parviz body of work in his. Still it is still developing at this point especially at the age. That is well. Not always his character evolved rate is race styles evolved adapted to everything that he's been going what I'm getting older and stuff like that. he's also put on great mashes everywhere. He's been even Awa. He's Oh he's putting on decent Maddie's. What Yard is? And he's also giving this also as a former. He's given a rupture. Somebody guys inner circle. A pride and powerful Varo. That's not that's not as in ring work though it doesn't necessarily. Work is entering work. Even they're like his mass. What Kodiak full gear the Massey Hangman page at all out of. It all out. So he's. He's still putting all really really good. Match what! W! Has Ron's WWe. Most wanted to me. He always has something memorable. You'd have you talk about. His running WCW. When he was, they owned their own in Mexico. When he was in Japan, there's always the people are talking about. When it comes to Chris Jericho no matter where he has in ring. and. Ricky steamboat and Crispin Raw yes, where he. Just has a body of work. Even the stuff that that still amazes me to this day when I go back and watch it. Like. Somebody three considered one of the greatest, Russell May of all time in some of his stuff. Even what classes champions like forgot which class champions? It was where he actually gets study Steve. Austin. And that was one of the things that Kinda put off and on a map for me because that match was really good. his masters He had a good series of master route WCW. You said. As soon as a maximum, ric flair throughout eighties and early eighties. It his Badio. Ricky steamboat, Ricky steamboat was never read the biggest guy of Assad, but he's always put on. A Maze matches with whoever he was in ring with. and. Was Chris Been Wa. Wa was one of those heart like he was always a mind. Rubber wash started. Backing e seat when he was easy. W Pigs, kid and he was, he had a great zoos a match with. Lionheart. And like has. Is a new Japan though city. To also made the way to. The awesome. W like ninety, four, ninety, three, ninety, four, ninety, four, hundred, five, or something like that. Yeah, but anything W. their themselves not lying. Not No. Lionheart. Jericho's. He was Lionheart Chris Jericho? It wasn't like corleones de Lille or whatever he was. In Ben. A song, yeah. Whatever What would? Ben Wa wasn't Pegasus Kid. W. They like when I first saw them. They were reform and w just like when I first saw Malingco Guerrero. In this series of matches that they had there, that's where I was like. I like a good wok. Care Unlikely to watch. Everything in WCW was really good in W era just was probably him to sit in the suite. And he was like you great technician when he later strikes in what they fucking hurt. I always entertain me. He's at one of my favorite submissions of all time, so that was kind of subjective where he got there. With a across face. Up Next, the your seven eight and nine year number seven is someone that no one else has on their list of Randy Orton? Number six. You have Chris Benoit's and at number five you have curtain will start off with Randy Orton which. Let me. Something I I'm not gonNA argue in this I think Randy Orton is one of the smoothest. Technical workers inside of a ring right now, so I can't even. Even have on top ten, but go ahead and tell me why you feel. He's he's in. He deserves a be an option. For that exact reason Randy Orton in my career of watching wrestling, which goes back thirty three years. When he wanNA.

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