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Dnr in her ear and she's much more likely to go after the kings Or whitney or both but but she still is the only person even saying their names at this point. Yeah yeah and i. i think i'm personally rooting for a joker h. o. h. Just so that. We can get a little bit of a shakeup if i want to be a brittany h or or big. I'm rooting for an opera. H i want to see what she does differently. I think watching some of the fees. Last night i think she said it in her in her between her executor and big they were having a conversation with was a very funny conversation. I don't know if you were going to go for it. But she was talking about how that first week she was safe and frenchy was doing all that mess so she went to her room because she just didn't want to be involved with and she was safe and i think unfortunately that first week really just set the tone for game because she got stuck in that safety and now she just does not have the social connections that half the cast so i wanna see her as an h. Because i want to see what she do it would definitely be i. And that's the thing like if a joker if any of them really one it would really help a because right now. The game is about the queen's and then the kings and the aces battling it out and the jokers are so irrelevant and so if the joke in the game is complex enough with just the queens kings and aces but a joker won the hatred wage than it would add this whole wildcard situation into the mix where now there is a true fourth party playing the game actually having some power and it could..

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