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I use it right it seems like you know because it's a nice sounding rate is a positive sounding words i'm open to ideas of different words because i think like you're saying you know and then again i think so many people has made it seem like it's a nice word you know all these presidents george bush junior i don't know how you know i mean i i really wasn't paying that close attention to the ones even though i was here i was a girl man with eisenhower you know here and i don't know how do you know his feeling on it well how will this is and how was he awful the immigration to the hilt or would know we'll be because he predates the generation of the problem of immigration went off the rails with the nine hundred sixty five immigration thanks uhhuh because even though they were still immigrants i guess that probably came in more in a better way when eisenhower would that they they got to be i guess legal citizens it was more it was more before that we had ls before the sixties of course we had ellis island of course and i mean we had a more system and an actual controlled system and and being sponsored and i mean we still have that sponsorship system and the legal side still has some reason ability to it but this go it gone off the rails and the illegal see but the illegal immigration is bleeding into the legal immigration now everybody wants everything right away they want everything rush they don't wanna pay their do exactly the way i mean it's like you are you and i are twins identical twins on that that's that's my feeling excellent here because i mean and another thing i let get your opinion about these countries where they come from you know many come from i guess central america and mexico you know parts of the south america whatever but i'm just saying why don't their country don't there what this country at least try to have these other countries that keep letting these people come here 'cause they look like they don't want them there and then of course that frees them from the criminal element the man i mean there's never a slick type people i.

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