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Denver. I'm Amy Scott in for Kyra stall. It's Thursday, April fourth good to have you with us. The government is out with a preliminary report on an airline crash last month that killed all one hundred fifty seven people on board. It was the second crash involving a Boeing seven thirty-seven max in five months. The report finds that the crew on the airlines flight followed all the procedures provided by Boeing but still weren't able to control the plane. Marketplace's Jack Stewart has been looking into what comes next for Boeing as it continues to work on a fix and try to restore the faith of the flying public. And investigators looked at data from flight BT three oh two's on board or quotas. The data shows the plane Jove hod several times before hitting the ground. This doesn't look good for Bill. I think this hurts them even more shoe impression Icke is at the center for aviation studies at a higher state univers-. City. He says the findings renew the focus on Boeing's 'em caste system a flight control program designed to push the nose of the big engines seven three seven max down to prevent a disastrous stole full investigations of both Boeing seven three seven. Max crashes could take a year. Investigators are also looking at physical evidence from recovered wreckage. That's a skill. That's taught in this. Los Angeles warehouse filled with twisted metal broken glass and torn cables in here, we have the wreckage of twelve crashed airplanes Thomas Anthony at the university of southern California uses these wrecks to train investigators from around the world to look at the positions of flack to read broken.

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