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Buffalo is far from new from Albany but it is upstate. New. York so you know upstate New York. Yeah. Much love from the upstate. Sorry about sorry about the bills they came. So close so many times. This is their year. This is their Henry's definitely a bills fan. Bill. Tracks he should have been there for flutie football I don't understand five Super Bowl Haiti Orion cintas a save the date for their wedding in Collegeville PA as well as some chicken wine themed facemasks. They're very cute. It's one of the only mask that's big enough to fit my stupid long face. So I truly appreciate you sending though. Rebecca in Tyler citizen announcement about their wedding on September fourth. Congrats you to that has occurred humbly. And then Scott. Wide Send us a nice note about the rules for a homebrew drinking game they've implemented in their campaign. I feel country Dave would absolutely dominated that I. Hope that. Your players enjoy it. Oh David D I mentioned this on our mixed bag, set us a gavel and a hammer. which we used on as revenge using, and it's so cute watching. Caldwell. Field, his little gavel it's very fun. It's nice to finally have some power and responsibility around. Yeah. You say that every time I expect more when you hold the smoke. You say that at the dinner table with sues right. I mean, I do hold the gavel. Instead of using a knife and fork I just smashed my chicken with the gavel. Demanding, what you watch on Netflix that night? So that's that's all we have from the Po box. Thank you so much for sending stuff I've got a lot more injuries so I can't wait to shout them out next week. Sweet everybody Jake anything yet check out check out the shop. There's a bunch of new stuff in there. It's shop dot net pod dot com and if you feel like spend. Money on stuff. You could also go to the net pod printshop where you more artist who are uploading they're awesome art. Yeah and check it out, and also we played it last week. But check out the NAD pods Zine. You can also just Google that find an pods zine made by a bunch of great talented people and donations go to a great cause. Final thing to plug is voting. Yes. You're voting plan on now just like make your schedule when you can, and like if you need obviously polling lines, get long bring that with you. Right. Listen bring us. To vote and if you do let us know if you do because that's fucking awesome Lord we can vote with everybody that'd be so fun. Thank you so much for listening. I can follow us on twitter each Murph's me echo these caldwell achy this jake and at expert is emily did in a different order in it feels weird and you can tweet eventually showed Hashtag back on twitter. I'm bag on twitter I had to see all the FIA are I couldn't I couldn't hold back on that good reason. You can tweet about the show using Hashtag ned potter that's any DDP od..

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